The dawning of a new secure branch networking solution

Of all the challenges that bog down the best IT departments, enterprise WAN is the most frustrating.

Traditional networks lack the high performance needed for access to cloud applications. Employees end up settling for less, relying on real-time applications like VoIP. Over time, the IT department finds itself managing a multitude of branch locations, and the network becomes increasingly complicated. Security issues arise due to disparate traffic flows, and operational costs skyrocket.

Workforce mobility has exponentially grown as the world has moved to remote work. However, access to information, optimal performance, and comprehensive security is still expected. There can be no compromise.

It is time businesses ditch expensive bandwidth, infrastructure complexity, and rigid architecture. It’s time to explore SD-WAN.

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A revolutionary solution

Cloud-delivered SD-WAN changes the way businesses approach deploying secure, managed, and monitored hybrid public, private, wireline, and wireless networks.

Gain network visibility and control
Offload management and analysis of any issue to a trusted partner.

Measure quality and steer traffic
Solve issues via multiple pathways, reliably handle applications, and steer traffic across branch offices, data centers, and the cloud.

Optimize and simplify with SD-WAN

Built upon VeloCloud’s technology, this secure, purpose-built enterprise solution deploys and maintains a high-performance WAN:

  • Eliminate performance issues associated with latency caused by accessing data sources and apps distributed across locations, devices, and geographies.
  • Enhance real-time operations and business agility to transform business outcomes.54
  • Eradicate costly capital investment in IT infrastructure.
  • Embrace an agile, high-performance network.

Learn how to increase your network’s agility and uptime in the full report.

Software and cloud-based technologies

OnX Canada simplifies the delivery of WAN services to remote offices through software and cloud-based technologies. Software-based virtualization facilitates network abstraction that, in turn, streamlines network operations. Today, SD-WAN affords businesses the ability to deploy reliable Internet-based connectivity and robust security. 

Learn how your business can:

  • Improve agility and deliver faster deployments.
  • Experience on-demand bandwidth and faster disaster recovery.
  • Drive IT efficiency with automation and cloud management.
  • Stabilize your IT budget and reduce costs by eliminating data center upgrades.

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60% of enterprises will phase out network VPNs for digital business communications in favor of software-defined perimeters.

By 2021 60% of enterprises will phase out network VPNs for digital business communications in favor of software-defined perimeters.
Gartner, It’s Time to Isolate Your Services From the Internet Cesspool, Neil MacDonald, September 2016, Refreshed November 2016

SD-WAN empowers businesses everywhere

SD-WAN offers an extensive and flexible cloud infrastructure complete with an orchestrator, controllers, gateways, and edges. These powerful tools empower IT departments to:

  • Deliver network services from the cloud and provide optimized data paths to data centers, branches, and web applications.
  • Provide connectivity to applications, perform QoS, and host Virtual Network Functions (VNF) services.
  • Centralize enterprise-wide SD-WAN installation, monitoring, configuration, and orchestrate the network’s data flow.

Are you ready for SD-WAN?

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Choosing Onx Canada as our service provider partner allowed National Money Mart to have the people and processes needed to make the progress we wanted. Their expertise in SD-WAN and their attention to detail during the project management phase allowed us to be non-intrusive to our retail stores while transforming our network.
Krishna Chava, Director of Network and Telecom, National Money Mart

CIO’s Definitive Guide to Cloud Managed Solutions

Through SD-WAN and NaaS, OnX supports the entire spectrum of network and IT infrastructure requirements.

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