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What to look for in a cloud security partner

Keeping a business safe from intrusion is no longer a simple matter of locking the doors at night.

Cybersecurity has grown to become a significant concern for small, midsize, and enterprise-level companies alike, especially in the tumultuous climate 2020 has brought with it.

Cyber attackers aren’t going anywhere–in fact, they’re only getting more sophisticated and determined. That’s why so many organizations are turning to qualified managed cloud and security providers like OnX Canada, recently named Managed Security Services Company of the Year for 2020-2021 by CIOReview’s Enterprise Security magazine.

Empowering advanced enterprises with cutting-edge data security solutions is a vital part of the OnX identity, and it has been the OnX mission for more than 30 years. Security best practices are ingrained into everything OnX does daily.

It’s also part of the OnX mission to meet clients where they are in their journey to the cloud and be flexible enough to meet their unique security challenges and needs. OnX also takes the time to understand a client’s IT consumption model while adequately preparing and executing a cloud-based security migration. This is possible through a Well-Architected Framework that helps to bring the client’s network to the cloud quickly without compromising on safety.

A crucial question for modern enterprises to ask is: is it worth tackling cloud security on your own, or would you rather offload the risk to a qualified and experienced managed security partner?

That’s where OnX’s deep knowledge and expertise comes in.

Not just a provider, but a managed security partner

The network migration and managed security experts of OnX Canada draw from a broad range of experiences. These success stories include the implementation of a public cloud and automated, serverless computing solution for a global aviation manufacturer, data protection strategies for major healthcare organizations, and many more.

OnX expertise goes beyond what typical organizations can achieve on their own—by partnering with leading figures in the collaboration technology sphere such as Cisco, VMware, IBM, and more, OnX Canada has delivered impactful results for clients in a variety of verticals. For example, a major retailer with more than 1,500 locations in Western Canada was able to successfully network and standardize every independently-owned site and achieve seamless, centralized management and security.

Effective cloud security practices demand more than simply building and launching a managed security solution for a client’s network, however. OnX understands that another critical component of security is a robust patching program and offers this ongoing support to clients seeking to not only respond to cyberattacks but actively prevent them. This approach also includes coaching clients on modern security practices such as endpoint hygiene and methods for circumventing ransomware threats.

OnX cloud security experts put themselves at the client’s disposal for the long term. By treating their customers as the partners and colleagues they truly are, OnX specialists foster deep trust and cooperation, ensuring an enduring and mutually beneficial relationship.

Knowledge you can count on

The cybersecurity landscape is constantly shifting and evolving, and with the recent surge in remote work activity, malicious actors are hungrier than ever for opportunities to breach business networks and take advantage of sensitive data. That’s why OnX continues to invest in its ever-expanding toolkit to stay ahead of the curve and provide peace of mind for its clients. As the motto goes: “Security is not a one-time event.”

Moving to the cloud does not, on its own, reduce risk or maximize efficiency. It takes the guidance and ongoing support of an experienced managed security partner such as OnX Canada to attain a truly secure cloud networking environment. It’s this guiding philosophy that has allowed OnX to gain the confidence and trust of so many organizations.

Contact us for more information on how OnX Canada, a CIOReview Company of the Year, can modernize, strengthen, and continually support your cloud security efforts.