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Combining SD-WAN & NaaS to safeguard collaboration technology now and in the future

The coronavirus pandemic has changed how we work, perhaps on a permanent basis. However, remote employees operating from home or at branch offices are still struggling with inadequate wireless networks and poor bandwidth. Executives establishing remote work situations must continue to optimize online solutions while reaching their company’s strategic goals.

Today, OnX Canada is adding to a suite of proven network solutions, offering bundles that leverage the cloud computing capabilities of software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) and Network as a Service (NaaS). These bundles allow remote staff to access private networks from any device or location, resulting in the scalability and bandwidth necessary to facilitate new remote offices. Organizations are meeting a variety of business challenges thanks to a pair of remote collaboration technology offerings:

Meraki Remote Worker Bundle

Based on Meraki technology, this robust bundle utilizes an MX67C to provide a cutting-edge threat management firewall. The bundle also boasts a SIM Slot, automatic VPN functionality, and an internal LTE modem to pair with an LTE data plan from OnX.  

VeloCloud Remote Worker Bundles

The VeloCloud SD-WAN 510 LTE Edge features an integrated LTE modem. Coupled with a managed LTE data plan from OnX, this compatible one-box solution improves signal strength and coverage over USB modems. Adding Check Point Network Security to the bundle provides enhanced protection, while Check Point CloudGuard manages cloud security at the enterprise level, integrating threat protection measures and creating secure connections over hybrid WAN transports.

Meanwhile, Managed Cloud Network as a Service (Naas) from OnX is built on Cisco Meraki technology already offering Auto VPN, switching, and Wi-Fi. The network is WAN-deployed by OnX engineers, placing the management burden elsewhere as employees continue to use collaboration technology to operate remotely.

Cloud-enabled security measures and remote management tools eliminate the need for a second Internet connection and provide network survivability through reliable LTE connectivity. Serving as a cost-effective backup, LTE offers flexibility and security for branch offices or home networks. Day-one connectivity is ensured via an all-in-one branch solution that supports LTE as the primary WAN link.

Once a wired connection is established, the multi-WAN router can load balance between wired and wireless links. Companies relying on remote environments must be empowered to identify and implement optimal cloud solutions that are not only secure, but could also make remote workforces more efficient. To that end, OnX offers a suite of solutions that link employees to dependable networking selections regardless of their location.

SD-WAN abstracts network hardware and application transport characteristics to simplify management and enhance performance. It also allows companies to replace MPLS and other pricey private WAN connections by building higher-performance WANs using low-cost Internet access.

SD-WAN solutions include on-premises, cloud, and hybrid deployment models. These models require a Quality of Experience (QoE) for VoIP and other real-time applications, regardless of user location. SD-WAN is an ideal fit for organizations that operate call centers or rely on collaboration technology for access to critical applications.

Further bolstering networks is Check Point CloudGuard Connect, a cloud-hosted service that protects SaaS, IaaS, and branch-office assets from threats with scalability, intelligent provisioning, and consistent network control. The system’s cyber protection benefits are added to existing routers or SD-WAN deployment, reducing the burden on IT staff and enabling branch offices to stay connected.

Additionally, hosted unified communications (UC) is giving businesses control over their remote communications. This cloud-contained, fully-hosted solution can replace aging telephone systems for organizations allocating workloads across locations.

How to create the optimal remote work environment
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Even when the virus recedes, workplaces will be considering efficient remote work solutions for months or years to come. Fortunately, cloud-friendly tools are available today to help companies avoid productivity losses and enhance remote worker performance.

Contact OnX for more information on how NaaS or SD-WAN networking solutions can enhance collaboration technology functions and accelerate the productivity of your remote workforce.