A fully supported network experience

IT departments are accumulating more responsibilities and finding themselves under pressure to do more with less. With this current atmosphere, network managers are stretching their networks’ lifespans farther than they were ever meant to last, leading to downtime and increased support costs. OnX Canada can lighten the load of IT demands with service as a solution, offering robust network security, and preparing your business for years to come.

The key to success is working smarter, not harder.

Network administrators are continually battling the high cost of enterprise WAN connectivity, security, support, and personnel. At the same time, they are choking on the growth of bandwidth-hungry streaming apps and cloud-based services.

To keep networks up, running, and protected, admins are determined to find a smarter solution. And they are—with Network as a Service (NaaS).

Key benefits

  • Substantial cost savings

    Benefit from a predictable monthly service vs. significant capital investment.

  • Access to expert engineers

    Connect with managers who proactively manage and monitor 24x7x365.

  • Scalable model to meet business needs

    Securely connect single locations or multiple branch offices as needed.

  • Enterprise-grade firewall and network security components

    Shield your network with anti-malware and perimeter defense technology.

  • Real-time analytics

    Dive into powerful business intel that grows revenue.

  • Enhanced network performance

    Stay connected with Auto VPN and power over Ethernet (POE).