A Department of the Government of Canada



The government agency has approximately 600 legacy data centers of all sizes that had to be consolidated and streamlined into more efficient, centralized facilities and retire end of life data centers. Through the adoption of modern data center facilities, services, and technologies, the client was determined to help other departments and agencies within the Government of Canada improve their ability to deliver enhanced digital services to Canadian citizens. The cloud’s efficiency model spurred interest among government agencies at all levels including federal, provincial, and municipal to look into changing the way they are consuming IT through the public cloud.

For one of the Canadian Government’s largest departments, underutilized production space in high availability facilities and expensive dev-test environments were draining resources. The department needed a cloud-based solution that could solve all of these pain points and a provider with extensive experience providing compliant, secure, and cutting-edge solutions to government agencies. Due to the nature and sensitivity of the department’s data, adherence to stringent security standards was paramount for both the cloud platform itself as well as OnX.


OnX sourced the departments public cloud environment for development and testing within Microsoft Azure IaaS (Infrastructure as a Service). Within this new environment, the department can integrate workload testing, sandboxes, AI, and analytics to become part of a center of excellence that this federal government agency can use for a wide range of application modernization such as:

  • New department applications under development
  • Microsoft Azure AI and analytics capabilities
  • Create DevOps-based environments on Microsoft Azure

The solution also includes Office 365 capabilities focused on analytics, intelligent threat security protection, plus business intelligence tools for interactive data visualization. In addition to the multitude of Microsoft certifications, including Gold Cloud Provider, OnX holds Advanced Cloud Engineering certifications that allow us to act on behalf of Microsoft through the Fast Track Office 365 program. OnX provides 24x7x365 management and monitoring of the department’s new environment. Their teams now have instant access to OnX experts as they familiarize themselves with the new systems and we provide continual support including:

  • Azure enablement workshops for department teams to introduce the main features and tools within Azure
  • Azure Enterprise portal onboarding workshops for department administrators to empower their account and user management capabilities
  • loud roadmap workshops
  • Quarterly business reviews with the department management team


With public cloud implementation on Microsoft Azure, OnX enabled the department to modernize their legacy IT consumption model to an adaptable, cost-efficient environment. The department can now scale the capacity of their workloads as needed and have the most advanced dev-test environment at their utility. The Azure IaaS cloud solution provides the department with the world-class security, protection, compliance, and unparalleled agility they need. Our breadth of capabilities in guiding the department on Azure IaaS cloud implementation positioned OnX as a trusted partner to Canadian government departments and agencies. OnX provides the skills, experience, and authority to help all Canadian government departments successfully achieve their mandated objectives with public cloud.