Success-based fully managed cloud solutions that allow you to meet the highest security and compliance standards and regulations.

Whether you are looking for a fully managed turnkey solution, where the OnX team manages your entire cloud-based environment in one of our facilities, or you have an existing environment that you are looking to create a secondary site for high availability or disaster recovery, we have answers.

Leverage the power of the cloud:

  • Improve time to market
  • Reduce infrastructure capital requirements
  • Access certified support — guaranteed SLA
  • Address stringent security, compliance, and audit requirements

Managed Multi-Tenant Cloud

Reserved and dedicated computing resources in an enterprise-class multi-tenant cloud, ideal for predictable infrastructure needs with flexibility for hybrid environments, tuned to meet your specific SLA requirements.

Managed Multi-tenant cloud provides clients with a higher level of support through a fully managed environment while still enabling cost-effective high availability. Specific tailoring for DR, performance and security SLA’s over self-service makes it ideal to address security and compliance requirements as well as delivery applications as-a-service.

Hybrid Cloud and Dedicated Private Hosting

Ideal for clients running web-based applications that perform well in a high-availability hybrid cloud environment as well as large cloud database, ERP, or business intelligence applications that demand a fully dedicated compute platform.

Hybrid solutions are configured and customized to meet your unique requirements and take into consideration your current license agreements, backup, networking, load balancing, firewall security, and end-to-end monitoring and reporting.