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Trust OnX Canada for Operational Excellence at our World-Class, High Availability Hosting Facilities

OnX Managed Services is committed to delivering the highest levels of support, availability, and performance. Our delivery and operations processes are based on ITIL and ITSM standards and we rigorously test these processes through 3rd party auditors.

OnX’s robust cloud-enabled data center managed services are located in Thornhill and Toronto, Ontario Canada. Our Service Level Agreements guarantee up to 99.99% system availability so that you can rest assured that the infrastructure that powers your business will be available and secure 24×7.

Having strong facilities and using industry-leading technology helps, but it’s the people and processes that really make the difference in delivering uptime. At OnX, a dedicated Project Manager is assigned to assist you with your migration to one of our cloud-enabled facilities. A dedicated Technical Account Manager will provide overall day-to-day management of your account once the solution has been fully implemented. For ongoing technical support and expertise, clients’ access our 24×7 Operation Centers which are staffed to serve customers live. Finally, to ensure we adhere to industry best practices, our facilities and processes are annually validated by independent 3rd party auditors.

Data Center Specifications

OnX Data Centers offer world-class facilities for Power Management, Heating/Ventilation/Air Conditioning (HVAC), Fire Suppression, Physical Security and top-tier Internet connectivity. Through our premier facilities, Onx customers can select from a comprehensive suite of IT services including Managed Hosting, Managed Cloud and DRaaS; all designed to meet the operational requirements and financial objectives of our customers.

  • Network Operations Center (NOC) 24×7
  • Redundant and diverse bandwidth and internet
  • Multiple incoming power feeds & redundant UPS
  • Primary and redundant electrical systems, generators
  • Physical and network security – shared and dedicated firewalls
  • Air cooling and handling systems
  • Fire detection and suppression systems

Certified Expert Support

At OnX, we view your applications as mission-critical, requiring a highly reliable and secure computing environment, supported by an experienced and responsive technical team. However, the skill, time and expenses required to build and maintain a secure infrastructure are not always readily available in-house. Partnering with OnX gives you access to our extensive technical skills and expertise in application management services while reducing the cost from implementation to production. The result is a fully customized, compliant and flexible application management environment that integrates seamlessly with your IT environment, while you focus on your core business operations.

Multi-Site Solutions: Ultra High Availability

Our multi-site, high-availability solutions leverage one of OnX’s facilities, or your existing facility, by providing primary production in one data center and a secondary fail-over in another. Each facility has multiple incoming Gigabit Internet feeds and all traffic funnels through our Intrusion Detection Systems and shared or dedicated Firewalls. If the primary site ever fails, Global Load Balancing can automatically reroute traffic from Site A to Site B meaning the secondary site will carry the load until Site A resumes normal operations.

Once your solution goes live, data is incrementally backed up daily using our enterprise-class backup infrastructure and a full weekly backup is created and stored with an additional copy sent offsite. Finally, authorized client administrators can easily make content or business layer application changes through a multi-level secure login.

Accelerate Your Cloud Journey

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