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How to achieve a successful UCaaS migration

Whether your current operations rely on a legacy public branch exchange (PBX) phone system or an on-premises unified communications platform, adopting Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) can transform your business by enabling cloud-based collaboration anytime, anywhere.

Navigating all the moving parts involved in this intricate transformation can be a cumbersome process to tackle. But the better you understand all your company’s existing technology—including its key features and shortcomings—the better equipped you’ll be to make a successful transition to UCaaS.

Follow these tips to assess and align all the technology elements involved in an effective UCaaS migration.

Audit existing equipment

To make the most of UCaaS, you must begin with a clear understanding of the communication tools your team is already using. A thorough audit of your equipment will set the foundation for your deployment strategy.

Establish an accurate inventory of all your company’s devices, such as handsets, tablets, desktops, smartphones, and phone equipment. Document the location of each device, and prioritize the sites or departments that require the most attention and resources to migrate.

While creating this inventory, pay close attention to the processes behind the products. Analyze how your employees use these devices in their day-to-day workflows.

Your initial audit should establish:

  • Which services, features, and functionalities are used, by whom, how often, and for what purpose?
  • Are people using any non-business applications or productivity tools to plug gaps in your internal systems?
  • How do employees use these systems to collaborate—both internally with each other, and externally with customers and suppliers?

Assessing the equipment you have and how it’s used is a critical step because your new UCaaS solution will replicate, and enhance, the functions of these devices.

Understand your underlying network

As you start to connect the dots between your existing technology infrastructure and the opportunities to improve communication with UCaaS, you need to understand the basic network requirements needed to support your new solution.

Understanding the bandwidth of your underlying network will help you determine whether:

  • Your current LAN and WAN can handle the increased demands of real-time voice and video conferencing on the cloud.
  • Your network requires additional capacity or equipment upgrades to cope with the expected volume of concurrent calls and video traffic.
  • Your network router and firewall can seamlessly dovetail with UCaaS to enable end-to-end security.

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Unlike legacy PBX systems, which require significant investments of capital and IT management to update, a cloud-based UC solution can help you affordably scale up as your organization’s needs change and your network capacity expands.

Plan for a successful UCaaS migration

Devoting the time necessary to understand your existing equipment and network capacity early on can help avoid disruptions when your new UCaaS system goes live. Proper planning in the beginning can ensure that your transition is invisible to customers and painless for employees.

If an enterprise-wide mass UCaaS migration seems like a daunting process, consider implementing a phased rollout so you can efficiently manage existing assets and reduce the strain on your IT team. A tiered approach allows you to work out any bugs with minimal risk, while illustrating small victories to build buy-in from the rest of your team.

The expert engineers at OnX Canada can help you navigate this complicated technology migration by identifying valuable tools and cloud features missing from your current infrastructure, and integrating all the details so you can enjoy seamless communication. We’ll guide you through every step of the deployment, management, and maintenance, also offering 24x7x365 support.

Contact us to learn more about Hosted UC and find out how OnX can enable your UCaaS migration.