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Improve network performance with UCaaS and SD-WAN

Success in business often depends on your network performance and ability to adapt quickly to changing circumstances. Collaboration between employees, partners, and customers is critical to achieving business objectives.

As businesses migrate essential communications services to the cloud, Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) platforms facilitate communication and collaboration by combining voice, audio and video conferencing, instant messaging, screen sharing, and many more applications on a single platform.

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UCaaS scales up or down, making it a perfect solution for large enterprise-sized businesses that operate numerous locations or need to scale for seasonality.


UCaaS moves network control to the cloud, making it easier to configure upgrades and manage the network from a single dashboard.

Cost reduction

UCaaS can be less expensive when you consider the consolidation of multiple vendors and technology, and factor in the ROI of freeing your IT staff from management.

Despite these advantages, if you and your provider have not taken the correct steps to design the network appropriately, UC services alone can pose problems for real-time communications. Common complaints include dropped calls, weak signals, and lagging video connections.

Ensuring Quality of Experience

When using UCaaS as an over-the-top solution, the system treats voice traffic the same as any other data coming over the internet. The results can be communication lags and dropped calls, especially when using voice or video conferencing applications simultaneously.

The delays in voice and video conferencing applications show up as pixelated images, frozen screens, dropped calls, or echoes. While the delays are not noticeable in e-mail or instant messaging, they can negatively affect Quality of Service (QoS) when used for real-time communications like voice and video.

Further complicating these issues are the modern collaboration and productivity applications that are increasingly more dynamic and demand more and more bandwidth.

When an enterprise uses public internet access only, the network performance is often negatively impacted because the network cannot prioritize traffic to reduce congestion, jitter, and packet loss—the factors causing communication delays that detract from user experience and erode productivity. Poor user experience can lead to a bad reputation for the IT department, and even worse, create more work trying to troubleshoot the problems.

Solve all of these issues by pairing OnX Canada UCaaS with Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN).

Achieve optimal network performance and user experience with SD-WAN and UCaaS

SD-WAN technology has been around since about 2012 and is fast becoming an indispensable technology when moving to cloud-based services.

OnX Canada’s SD-WAN streamlines company locations into an easily accessible enterprise for everyone, regardless of proximity, connectivity, or devices in use. SD-WAN works by connecting remote locations to the main office network via the Internet.

By combining SD-WAN and UCaaS:

  • Enterprises can connect branch offices and data centers across long geographical distances.
  • Bandwidth can be actively managed.
  • The network performance will improve by performing dynamic path selection to deliver an optimal user experience.

When paired with UCaaS, SD-WAN can help eliminate video and voice delays by routing network activity through an organization’s infrastructure in the most efficient way possible. Use SD-WAN and UCaaS together to realize cost savings, improve reliability, and make deployment and management easy.

SD-WAN automatically differentiates network traffic and prioritizes real-time video conferencing and other live activities for clear, crisp communication while nonessential activities route to lower priority pathways.

SD-WAN offers additional advantages in terms of scale, agility, ease of management, and unified network security.

These advantages increase with the number of branches within an organization.

By combining SD-WAN with UCaaS, an organization can significantly improve communications quality while reducing costs.

Choosing the Right UCaaS and SD-WAN Vendor Is Critical

Working with a qualified SD-WAN and UCaaS provider can reduce operational and capital costs, and allows organizations to consolidate WAN services, including routing, Wi-Fi, Ethernet, firewalls, VPN, and application visibility into a single platform. This consolidation can significantly reduce hardware and maintenance costs.

Combining SD-WAN with UCaaS can also reduce network downtime because the technologies automatically move prioritized traffic to another carrier. Users will see significant improvement in live video and voice calls.

OnX SD-WAN platform improves cloud-based application performance, allowing Canadian companies looking to expand nationally or internationally the means to communicate with employees at remote sites or branch locations.

OnX UCaaS can transform the way your organization communicates. Each OnX UCaaS solution is fully hosted, freeing up your IT team to focus on meeting business initiatives rather than troubleshooting and repairing an aging telecommunications system that is no longer serving the needs of you or your customers.

OnX SD-WAN solutions can promote enterprise-wide digital transformations by diverting videoconferencing and other live activities to carriers with more bandwidth, supporting your organization’s digital transformation while reducing network costs and management complexity.

An intelligently deployed SD-WAN platform moves network control to the cloud, making it easier to configure upgrades and manage the network from a single dashboard. Pairing UCaaS with SD-WAN helps connect employees via the public Internet to the main office network. The result is an improved user experience that helps optimize business performance.

Contact the OnX experts today to learn how UCaaS and SD-WAN can transform your business.