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Why should you choose Microsoft Teams Voice for your company?

As teams across the globe adapt to a remote working world, companies need to provide communication systems that connect workers wherever they are. As a result, companies are turning to Unified Communications as a Service solutions like Microsoft Teams and its cloud-based voice system, Microsoft Teams Voice.

Many organizations already use Microsoft Teams as part of their daily operations because it is included in the Microsoft Office 365 suite. Implementing the purpose-built enterprise voice functionality of Microsoft Teams Voice is an easy choice, replacing legacy telephony systems with modern collaboration tools.

How can Microsoft Teams support you?

Teams supports Microsoft Teams Voice—the leading choice for businesses aiming to empower their company’s culture and creativity. Voice allows companies to fully leverage Teams’ collaboration features while integrating OnX’s VoIP core capabilities, such as:

  • Call reporting.
  • AI-enabled IVR.
  • Advanced analytics.
  • Contact center.
  • Call recording.

Additionally, Voice reduces unnecessary costs as businesses can use it on any device that supports Teams. Computers, phones, tablets, and more can all use your business’s voice number, creating consistency across all your virtual communications. It also means that remote workers can answer calls from any location, with easy setup supported by the ability to port over existing phone numbers to the new voice interface.

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Why switch to Microsoft Teams Voice?

Moving to Microsoft Voice allows you to manage both local and international business calls in one place; communicate while on the move; connect from anywhere; utilize standard phone system features; and keep your current business number. Moreover, your business gains access to the following features:

  • Free calling within your country or region—with availability for international plans and toll-free dialing.
  • Standard calling features, such as emergency calling, voicemail, caller ID, shared phone lines, and more.
  • Conferencing over audio or video, even with users that do not use collaboration software or have a stable connection to the web.

In today’s remote working world, uninterrupted communication is critical for growing businesses looking to stay connected under any conditions. Microsoft Teams Voice is the ideal way to keep your global workforce connected for small and medium-sized companies, reducing costs by bundling communications under one roof.

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How can you make the switch?

With the clear potential of the Office 365 suite for improving employee productivity, companies are looking for a partner to help them get the most out of its offerings. As a certified Gold Microsoft Partner, OnX Canada is uniquely positioned to guide businesses as they transition to a modern way of working.

OnX experts guide you through developing and implementing your unique IT solutions—improving your unique IT environment and supporting you as you navigate ongoing management and maintenance. We will customize Microsoft Teams Voice to maximize your potential and help you regain valuable time and resources for your IT department.

Get in touch with representatives from OnX today.