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Blending Hosted UC with Cisco Webex to unlock unified collaboration

As workplace trends and communication technologies evolve, it can be challenging for companies to maintain seamless interaction across channels, locations, and devices. To succeed in this era of remote collaboration, businesses need flexible enterprise communication solutions to keep employees and customers engaged through voice, video, mobile, messaging, and chat—sometimes simultaneously.


In response to these omni-channel demands, many companies are turning to hosted unified communications as a service (UCaaS) to unify disjointed tools onto one platform, creating a more versatile way for teams to interact remotely. By integrating the advanced collaboration capabilities of Cisco Webex onto OnX Canada’s Hosted UC platform powered by Cisco BroadWorks, companies can unlock the best of both worlds. This powerful combination unites hosted VoIP, video conferencing, remote meeting capabilities, group chat, and more through a single Webex application, enabling a more seamless omni-channel experience.

Blending the collaboration capabilities of Cisco Webex with the robust features of enterprise voice communication, OnX Hosted UCaaS solutions offer an integrated platform to keep companies completely connected. Read on to discover how this integration can maximize efficiency and productivity for your remote workforce.  

Streamlined communication and unified collaboration

It’s hard to carry on a smooth conversation when you have to toggle between multiple systems, networks, and devices to keep pace with changing communication preferences. However, moving your enterprise PBX to a cloud-based communication tool through a single hosted UC platform can streamline the experience for employees, customers, and partners alike.

Using the leading VoIP technology from Cisco, the OnX Hosted UC service enables hosted VoIP calling, Wi-Fi calling, and smooth VoIP handovers to support calls as you move between networks. This flexibility allows you to switch active calls from audio to video, or pull calls from handset to softphone to mobile device without any interruptions. Users can also make and take phone calls directly through the Webex application using any phone, computer, or mobile device.

By blending these voice capabilities into Webex, companies can maximize remote collaboration with group chat, file sharing, whiteboarding, instant messaging, and presence features that make it easier to interact from any location. Plus, built-in integrations allow users to automatically connect to other applications—offering access to all the tools you need from one reliable platform.

Rounding out the remote collaboration experience, integrated meetings features make it easy for teams to meet, share, and multitask from any location. Participants can join meetings with a single click from a company’s enterprise dial plan, instead of trying to remember dial-in details or using mobile phone minutes. Online meeting rooms fuse together audio, HD video, chat, messaging, screen sharing, and wireless content sharing capabilities to make meetings more effective from any setting. 

Enhanced enterprise hosted unified communications

By combining enterprise cloud calling and remote collaboration solutions onto one secure platform, OnX provides a seamless hosted UC solution to future-proof your company’s communication infrastructure. Designed to be flexible and interoperable with even the most complex enterprise IT ecosystems, these integrated solutions from OnX are customized to enhance your business’ unique customer experience. 

This fully integrated voice and collaboration solution delivers a streamlined user experience across devices, software applications, and workstyle preferences—whether your team is working remotely, in the office, or on the go. OnX can also layer on advanced applications such as hosted IVR, mass notifications, e-911, and other omni-channel contact center features to make employees more present and productive from anywhere, at any time.

Hosted UC can maximize your mobile workforce, while relieving your IT department from the capital-intensive maintenance typically required for on-premises technologies. With automatic upgrades, 99.999% network availability, end-to-end security, and 24x7x365 support, OnX integrates Hosted UC with Webex collaboration to give businesses peace of mind. In fact, simplifying enterprise calling and remote collaboration through the unified Webex platform can actually reduce corporate communication costs, while the fixed monthly payments make IT budgets more predictable. 

Offering all the features of enterprise voice solutions combined with the most advanced remote collaboration apps, Hosted UC from OnX packs a lot of punch into a single platform that scales as your business grows. By supporting the full spectrum of ever-changing communication and collaboration capabilities, OnX equips your business for the omni-channel demands of the future. 

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