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Announcing Cortex XDR managed by OnX

Introducing Cortex XDR managed by OnX Leveraging AI-powered threat detection and response

OnX expands its managed Palo Alto Networks security offerings with Cortex XDR

OnX Canada is thrilled to introduce the Palo Alto Networks Cortex XDR solution, managed by OnX, significantly expanding our managed security services. With Cortex XDR, we are poised to better support our clients in strengthening their security defenses and effectively mitigating risks in the ever-changing threat landscape.

Since 2012, OnX and Palo Alto Networks have cultivated a strong and enduring relationship built on providing customers with cutting-edge solutions to achieve their strategic business objectives. Through this partnership, OnX provides managed and professional services for Palo Alto Networks platforms including Prisma SASE, Prisma Access, Prisma SD-WAN, and Prisma Cloud. Cortex XDR joins the suite of Palo Alto Networks professional security services—including Cortex XSOAR—that OnX manages.

As business leaders increasingly seek consolidated security solutions to manage risks and improve operational productivity, the need for advanced threat detection and response capabilities has never been more critical. Cyber threats continue to grow in volume and complexity, with traditional anti-virus measures often falling short detecting sophisticated malware strains and fileless attacks.

Moreover, attacks are becoming increasingly multi-layered, targeting devices ranging from mobile phones to IoT infrastructure. Organizations with lean security teams may not have developed future-proof security strategies to adequately protect endpoints, individuals, and cloud applications. Many may also lack investments in SEIM and SOAR products or feel bogged down by the complexity of siloed tools and manual processes, leaving them vulnerable to emerging threats.

Cortex XDR managed by OnX addresses these challenges by providing comprehensive protection, detection, and response capabilities. By analyzing data across networks, endpoints, cloud environments, and third-party sources, Cortex XDR offers unparalleled visibility into threats. Its advanced analytics—powered by machine learning algorithms—reduce noise and improve efficacy in detecting hard-to-spot threats.

Key features of Cortex XDR managed by OnX include:

  • Well-integrated functionality surpassing traditional point products, enhancing visibility and operational efficiency.
  • Playbooks and workflows supporting prevention, detection, and response use cases, reducing containment time for threats.
  • Advanced analytics leveraging multiple telemetry sources for relevant threat detection.
  • Threat intelligence from various sources, including OEM, third-party sources, research groups, analysts, and cross-customer information.
  • Configuration recommendations and guided policy actions that enhance a customer’s security program and maximize the value of existing investments.
  • Integrations with ITSM tooling for seamless ticketing workflows.
  • Measurable reductions in effort, time to detect, and time to remediate incidents.
  • Customizable detection capabilities, integrated threat intelligence, and machine learning-based detection.
  • Rapid response and investigation speeds, facilitated by manual and automated threat-hunting capabilities.
  • Comprehensive reporting functionalities to track and analyze security incidents effectively.

In essence, Cortex XDR managed by OnX will equip our clients with the tools and insights needed to stay ahead of emerging threats, strengthen their security posture, and drive operational efficiency.

Through our decade-plus relationship with Palo Alto Networks, OnX possesses the deep expertise in networking, security, and cloud technology required to provide advice, support, and implementation services for Palo Alto Networks technology. Named a Diamond Innovator, OnX has been recognized for its technical proficiency and specialized expertise in Palo Alto Networks technologies.