Get Best Practice Offsite Cloud Backup Solutions with Routine Testing and 24×7 Monitoring

Meticulous and efficient online cloud backup services are often compromised due to lack of time or internal resources. Partnering with OnX gives you the resources to restore your IT environment, recover your data, and resume normal business operations cost effectively. We invite you to talk with us about your offsite data backup, secure cloud backup, and data recovery challenges, from getting off of tape to system level restore to item level restore (ILR) for email. We will customize a data backup solution that meets your data recovery objectives, fits with your risk profile and is within your budget.

OnX Managed Services can take your data protection to a whole new level.

Reliable and Secure Data Backup

Effective data backup solutions provide quick recovery time for your most current data that’s fully encrypted and transmitted electronically to minimize costs and potential for human error.

Remote Data Storage

With OnX data centers in Indianapolis and Chicago, you can be sure your data is being managed and monitored at a secure location remote from your facility.

Flexible Data Backup Solutions

From real-time onsite or offsite backup services to once a day backup, you can protect your data with a solution that best fits your business needs and budget.

Managed Data Backup Solutions You Can Trust

Best practices for IT backup solutions require constant monitoring and highly skilled staff, which are not always readily available in-house. OnX has the depth and breadth of expertise and capabilities to manage data backup challenges. Our ongoing management services, routine testing, and 24×7 monitoring and support allow you to focus on your core business.

Data is the cornerstone of your business and it is under threat all the time.