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Secure your business data with OnX Canada fully managed Microsoft Azure backup solution.

Leverage the power of managed data backup solution that is tested and proven to protect your business from compromise or loss of critical data. Microsoft Azure is the proven enterprise-grade public cloud solution that allows you to secure your critical data offsite and address your regulatory compliance standards with storage retention timelines that meet your unique requirements.

  • Fully managed Azure data backup, replication and restoration solutions managed by OnX
  • Data is encrypted and then backed up from your production using Commvault to the secure high availability Azure cloud. Your data will never leave your country of origin.
  • Monitoring and management confirms that the daily backup is successful
  • Upon alert, OnX network operations staff will identify the issue and rerun the backup
  • Easily upgrade to a fully replicated environment for true disaster recovery and business continuity protection

Supported by industry-leading backup software from Commvault, OnX will fully manage and monitor your Azure data backup from your primary production environment and create a secure and reliable secondary offsite copy on Microsoft Azure.

  • Get out of the backup business and free your staff from non-strategic tasks
  • Enable long-term data backup and retention in the cloud for as long as you want
  • Focus on your core business objectives that make you money
  • Create a data protection solution that can help you address your compliance and regulatory requirements without costing you an arm and a leg

Let OnX and Azure Handle Crucial Backup Tasks

Secure, encrypted and extremely reliable, Microsoft Azure is one of the most trusted places to store enterprise-level data backups.

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