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Protect your Business Data with OnX Canada Fully Managed Data Protection and Disaster Recovery Services

Compromised or lost data is one of the most common ways in which organizations experience loss. If organizations are unprepared or underprepared, then the results of a data compromise can be devastating to it overall. One way you can ensure your business infrastructure and critical systems are protected from malicious activity or unplanned downtime is through effective and proven data backup and data recovery solutions. In addition, with OnX’s disaster recovery services, you can ensure your organization will be protected, no matter what, in the event of a crisis.

The level to which your organization protects itself from a technology disaster is a matter of risk assessment and planned preparedness: if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

What impact will downtime have on the survivability of your business in the context of your bottom line, your ability to service your customers, government compliance and regulations, and the reputation of your brand? For many organizations that run mission-critical applications, downtime can result in immediate financial losses and a long road to recovery. Your company won’t just lose business transactions; it could lose the consumer’s trust and your brand reputation might take years to rebuild

OnX works with you to build a DR plan that covers all your bases and ensures you are protected. OnX’s DRaaS solutions can assist you with meaningful data recovery strategies to help you mitigate your exposure and establish measurable recovery time objectives, provide a Test Phase engagement in the program, and give a Letter of Test Performance once completed. And now OnX can fulfill all your needs by offering you the public cloud option for data backup to Microsoft Azure. With OnX’s disaster recovery services, you and your entire team can rest assured that you are prepared.

Success Based Managed Backup Designed for your Success

OnX is a certified subject matter expert when it comes to offsite data backup solutions. Our team of backup specialists takes accountability of your backup requirements, create the runbook documentation, set up the configuration of your backup needs, and monitor and manage the entire solution 24×7.

  • Managed data backup from your branch offices to your central headquarters
  • Offsite data backup from your central headquarters to an OnX secure facility
  • Offsite data backup from your central headquarter to Microsoft Azure public cloud for smaller environments and lower cost
  • Customized data backup strategy and assessment capabilities to help you understand what you currently have and design the right backup solution specific to your business needs 

Disaster Recovery Services that are Tested and Proven to Work

  • Full assessment and professional services to scope out your recovery requirements
  • Ability to implement an intelligent “tiered” recovery program so that your DR solution does not become cost prohibitive and yet ensuring your most critical applications are available in minutes
  • Complete recovery documentation that details your exact recovery process in specific step-by-step procedures
  • Managed testing that is not a disruption to your IT team or production environment. Testing means that together, with the recovery documentation go through all of the steps to get your applications online and your users can access them remotely
  • Once Testing is complete, OnX will provide a Letter of Test performance which you can use with your regulator, insurance providers, and member affiliates to show you have made the investments and are in fact protected

Protect Your Data. Minimize Business Risk.

How long will your business last if a disaster takes out your IT infrastructure? What would hours or days of downtime do to your cash flow, customer service, and brand reputation?

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