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What’s your path to the right hyperconverged solution?

When it comes to finding the “right” hyperconverged infrastructure solution for your evolving data center, nothing is ever easy. The process involves deciding which vendors to work with, choosing the ideal platforms to base your infrastructure on, and countless other decisions. And ultimately, even the most seemingly minor choices can have major ramifications down the road.

The uncertainty is especially pronounced when you’re dealing with an emerging data center model that holds as many potential advantages as a hyperconverged infrastructure.

Hyperconvergence integrates a host of technologies, including compute, storage, networking and virtualization resources, all in a single device. Typically that device is managed through a common toolset and supported by a single vendor. Depending on the customer’s needs, you can expand hyperconverged solutions by adding nodes to the base unit – for example, customers with big storage requirements can choose additional storage nodes. Hyperconvergence helps customers dramatically increase data center efficiencies and significantly reduce total cost of ownership.

Multiple vendors, many choices

Leading OEMs – notably Cisco, Dell EMC, and HPE each offer their own flavor of hyperconverged solutions. If your data center is based on one of these manufacturers, that might help narrow down your first choice – but then you still need to determine which specific feature sets are most appropriate for your requirements now and in the future.

One advantage the leading OEM hyperconverged infrastructure solutions have in common: they all make use of the latest Intel® Xeon® Scalable processors. Available in five product families with features ranging from advanced to entry-level, these new processors are designed for data center modernization to drive operational efficiencies, higher productivity for users, and lower TCO.

But once again the question arises: which of these Intel Xeon Scalable processor families is most appropriate for your workload requirements? That’s where the knowledge and experience of a trusted technology advisor can help you make the most cost-effective choices.

Arriving at the right solution starts with a proven process

In making recommendations for choosing the most appropriate hyperconverged systems, OnX follows a carefully crafted methodology:

  • Assess the customer’s unique environment, taking into account the existing VMware environment, different workload requirements, back-end network speed, and vendor preferences.
  • Evaluate options and trade-offs: the ideal solution should allow for backups and replication, rapid integration of additional nodes, simplified upgrades, and ease of management – all served by a single support number for VMware, compute, storage, and networking needs.
  • Engage with the customer’s IT team to determine the right “best in class” solution that changes the way they add storage and compute capabilities.
  • Demonstrate our proposed solutions in our OnX Client Briefing Centers or in our technology partners’ lab facilities. In this way, customers can see “their” new technology in action ahead of deployment.

By following a carefully organized process, organizations are better positioned for a successful hyperconverged solution deployment. For example, a hospital client was looking to replace its HPE BladeSystem C7000 running VMware in order to shrink its existing footprint, reduce the cost of its backup licenses, and easily grow its VMware environment. After exploring several options with varying feature sets, hospital IT staff settled on a SimpliVity solution for its ease of management and backup capabilities. SimpliVity also guaranteed data efficiency and optimization at inception, with resiliency to ensure the highest levels of data integrity and availability.

In another deployment, a pharmaceutical company wished to put a system in place that could be easily managed 100% remotely. Should any part of the appliance fail, manufacturer support could fix the problem and notify the client. And, the solution should make it easy to grow the resource as needed. After examining several vendor proposals, the company chose a system from VxRail for its ease of integration and management.

Making sense of your hyperconverged solution choices

Hyperconverged infrastructures offer the modern data center a wealth of advantages: scalability, agility, and improved TOC. However, determining the right hyperconverged solution can seem like a complex undertaking, with a host of factors to consider – and all sorts of opportunities for miscalculation.

OnX has gained deep experience in deploying successful hyperconverged platforms, following a proven methodology to help match your requirements to the optimal hyperconverged data center environment. Contact us to learn more about our virtual demonstration capabilities to see these emerging technologies in action.