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How to transform your data security program with automation

Data security remains at the forefront of concerns for CEOs, as two of the biggest breaches in Canadian history took place in 2019, with one breach resulting in the theft of the personal information of 15 million people in Ontario and B.C.

A 2019 CIRA Cybersecurity Survey found that 71 percent of organizations reported at least one cyber-attack that impacted the organization, costing time, resources, out of pocket expenses, or ransom pay offs. The same survey found that only 41 percent of respondents have mandatory cybersecurity awareness training for their employees. As threats become more frequent and more sophisticated, the only way to keep ahead of scammers and hackers is with a modern data security strategy.

OnX Canada is simplifying data security environments for modern enterprises by leveraging the Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform. This technology allows for role-based access control, security, auditing, and delegation, utilizing both the REST API and the traditional command line interface (CLI). The platform gives users seamless access to an extensive lineup of functions, including security, networking, line of business, operations, and development.

Advanced automation from OnX Canada with Red Hat Ansible Platform
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How does effective data security automation work? 

While many automation solutions exist, few have the capabilities for effective data security automation. Any organization that wants to modernize their network security strategy needs to implement an automation platform that offers:

  • Universal automation language allowing for the simple documentation of information for security team members.
  • Easy integration with existing security infrastructure and vendor ecosystems.
  • A modular and scalable design for seamless deployment and efficient future updates.

How Red Hat Ansible delivers data security automation

The Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform from OnX delivers features necessary for data security automation. It combines an easy-to-digest automation language with a composable execution environment alongside security-focused communication and collaboration capabilities.

An open platform makes connecting to your existing security applications and IT infrastructure seamless. After integration, you’ll have a common platform that allows for participation and sharing across your entire organization. The platform comes with a supported set of Ansible data security collections including modules, roles, playbooks, and more. This collection creates a unified cyber security strategy to counter cyber threats by providing:

  • Consolidated and centralized logs.
  • Chain workflows and playbooks for modular reusability.
  • Support of local directory services and access controls.
  • Integration of external apps using RESTful application programming interfaces (APIs).

Additionally, the Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform includes tools to help optimize automation:

  • Automation Analytics shows you how your organization processes automation.
  • Automation Hub gives team members access to certified automation content through a centralized repository.
  • Content Collections streamline the management, distribution, and consumption of automation assets.

Ready to modernize your data security program with automation?

With OnX as your trusted partner, the Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform can help you respond to security threats faster and at scale. Our certified Red Hat Ansible experts will consult with you to understand your current environment and work with your team to customize the platform to meet your business objectives.

Contact us for more information on how the Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform can modernize your data security strategy.