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Stepping up your UCaaS experience with SD-WAN

Simplifying the various communication tools available to their company is a challenge for which many business leaders are seeking answers. As a result, enterprise-level organizations around the globe and across a variety of industries are catching on to the benefits of unified communications as a service (UCaaS), which streamlines collaboration capabilities by combining voice, video, and text communications into a single cloud-empowered platform.

As a managed service, UCaaS also simplifies operations and allows users to focus less on maintaining multiple communications platforms and more on their bottom lines. It can also be easily scaled for growth as businesses expand their footprints, facilities, and teams.

UCaaS has become a common solution for organizations that wish to utilize the ever-growing power of cloud computing while also managing their communications platforms with ease and reliability. Government agencies and educational organizations in particular are finding great utility in these applications. This functionality has become even more crucial in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has forced people indoors and has made remote collaboration capabilities a high priority.

However, these enterprises that have embraced UCaaS may be missing the full potential of their managed communications by not also taking advantage of software-defined wide area networks (SD-WAN).

The potential of SD-WAN

While many organizations work to adapt to and harness the computing power of the cloud and the many remote storage and connection capabilities it brings, SD-WAN is a network architecture purpose-built to enable all modern cloud-based applications, delivering greater levels of efficiency, scalability, and flexibility.

By implementing an SD-WAN solution that fits their situation, enterprise leaders can automate their network traffic, speed up their application deployments, and improve user experiences, all while driving down operational costs.

With SD-WAN, even large-scale global operations can be given easy and reliable access to powerful cloud applications, from retail storefronts and industrial facilities to distant office environments. However, it truly shines when layered onto an existing UCaaS framework.

A powerful combination

For users of UCaaS solutions, SD-WAN acts as a natural complement that boosts the power and effectiveness of managed unified communications. When combined, the UCaaS platform connects distant team members and empowers them to collaborate smoothly—meanwhile, an SD-WAN solution brings high processing power, bandwidth, and network stability to the table, creating a potent one-two punch that any modern organization can benefit from.

SD-WAN also adds powerful cloud computing functionality to the UCaaS platform, boosting communication applications such as video conferencing with fast and reliable cloud connections. Voice services also benefit from increased redundancy and signal strength, meaning fewer dropped calls and better call quality. This is especially beneficial for enterprises that rely heavily on voice functionality, including retail, call centers, healthcare, and more.

Complete the package

If your company has taken the step to streamline its communication and collaboration applications with a UCaaS solution, consider SD-WAN as a direct upgrade that can improve network performance, make connections more reliable, leverage the considerable power of the cloud, keep costs low, and help future-proof your enterprise for what comes next.

Reach out to an OnX Canada expert to learn more about how adding SD-WAN to your UCaaS infrastructure can deliver better communication outcomes for your organization.

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