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Microsoft Teams: Supporting your business

Microsoft Teams has seen incredible growth due to the growing popularity of remote work. The cloud-based collaboration software grew from 20 million users in 2019 to 270 million in 2022, making it the most popular business communication platform.

Its main advantage over competitors such as Slack is its integration with Microsoft 365 and Office 365, making it a free add-on for businesses already subscribed to Office 365. This means businesses benefit from its core functionality, such as business messaging, calling, video meetings, and file sharing, all on top of the larger Office 365 offering.

As a Gold Certified Partner with Microsoft, OnX supports businesses looking to leverage Microsoft Teams to its fullest capabilities. Our expert support aids organizations in customizing business functions, simplifying meetings, and enhancing productivity with integrated voice.

The complete Microsoft Teams package

As many employees are already familiar with Microsoft Teams, local and remote workers can rapidly onboard to the platform. Microsoft Teams integrates with other applications, such as PowerPoint and SharePoint, enhancing real-time collaboration across multiple devices.

Its main features include:

  • Video calls: Hold virtual meetings with customizable backgrounds, meeting recording functionality, breakout rooms, transcription services, and more. Features like Microsoft Whiteboard allow teams to ideate as if they were in the same room by toggling the setting in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center—giving teams the ability to collaborate without location restrictions.
  • Chat messaging: Combine private messaging with conversation threads to collaborate with teams large and small. Mark messages according to their urgency and manage workflows from anywhere. Foster creativity and support a positive work culture with functionality for emojis, GIFs, images, and more.
  • Integrated webinars: Up to 1,000 participants can join interactive webinars through Microsoft Teams. Host company-wide updates or bolster your thought leadership efforts with virtual conferences.

Microsoft Teams glossary

Helping users get up and running as quickly as possible is a core component of partnering with OnX. Bring your team up to speed with the below glossary:

  • Teams are groups of users that connect and collaborate on the platform.
  • Channels are created within teams to organize conversations by relevant subjects.
  • Feeds provide an overview for users to keep their eyes on messages, replies, mentions, and other activity across their organization.
  • Threads function like popular social apps such as Twitter, organizing a series of messages within one conversation. Users can conveniently schedule voice and video meetings within threads.
  • Calling is supported with integrated Microsoft Teams Voice into existing PBX. Customers can also rely on OnX to manage their Microsoft 365 portal for their calling needs.
  • Screen sharing enables users to collaborate by sharing their screens in real time—with further functionality such as Microsoft Whiteboard taking collaboration tools even further.
  • Mentions allow employees to address other users directly, even within other channels or threads, by alerting a team member by name.
  • Tabs guide users to key files, apps, and other services.
  • Calendar allows employees to organize meetings and integrates with Microsoft Outlook calendars for further oversight.
  • File sharing capabilities are managed through Microsoft Teams’ document management feature, allowing remote working teams to act as if they are in the same space.
  • Further functionality supports companies across their virtual workspaces, such as the “Guest” feature that allows external members to be invited to internal channels, or the shared workspace Teams Connect workspace.

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Partnering with OnX for Microsoft Teams

OnX delivers the benefits of the Microsoft Teams platform with Microsoft Teams Voice integration. OnX designs, delivers, and implements a complete collaboration infrastructure to ensure virtual businesses thrive in today’s remote working world—with 24x7x365 support.

Get in touch with experts from OnX today to learn how your business can benefit from implementing Microsoft Teams.