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How to make your IT workforce as dynamic as your infrastructure

Even as the enterprise struggles to keep up with rapidly changing technology, challenges are also mounting in another key area: finding the right people to manage increasingly dynamic and automated workflows. So how do you build an IT workforce that is as agile as your enterprise infrastructure?

A key problem is that while work environments are becoming inundated with highly technical projects and platforms, there are not enough skilled technical professionals to handle them. This issue is particularly troublesome when it comes to niche functions requiring specialized skills that, more often than not, do not lend themselves to the bulk of the enterprise workload. In cases like this, business leaders are forced to task existing IT professionals with performing duties for which they have not been adequately trained, or they must hire specialists, usually at great cost, who will devote the majority of their time on lower-level functions.

This is why many organizations are turning to IT consulting services for their staffing needs. For a steady, predictable fee, organizations gain access to the talent they need when they need it, without having to wade into the complexities of payroll, benefits, training, and a host of other requirements.

According to ZDNet, the most difficult jobs to fill in the enterprise are data scientists, IT architects, and security engineers. These jobs require years of rigorous training in some of the most challenging STEM disciplines available. For this reason, the talent pool for these positions is shallow, forcing companies to offer not just high salaries but a wide range of incentives–everything from stock options to generous leave packages–in order to attract the top candidates.

Despite this, many CIOs continue to shoulder the burden of emerging digital transformation initiatives and strategic business operations, including those related to data science, security and risk management. This is a double-edged sword because the more time the CIO devotes to this level of work, the less time she has for recruiting and hiring the talent needed to push these initiatives forward, leading in many cases to existing talent heading for the exit doors.

Outsource your search to find the right experts

While it may be tempting to think that automation and artificial intelligence will ultimately replace many of these jobs, it turns out that the exact opposite is true. Not only will organizations need to acquire new talent to operate and manage these oncoming technologies, but they will have to maintain a workforce to oversee legacy infrastructure. As the workforce ages, of course, experts in these earlier technologies will become harder to find, just as today’s top organizations face a shortage of skilled technicians for the mainframes that continue to serve data in this age of the cloud.

Outsourcing IT staffing needs is the perfect end-run around all of these challenges. At OnX, we maintain a large pool of highly vetted, trained and certified IT specialists backed by an experienced team of technology professionals. Regardless of your particular challenges, we provide instant access to people who can analyze and optimize your data ecosystem.

Our staffing solutions are available in multiple formats to provide the flexibility needed to solve any challenge. These include:

  • Project-based resources. Resources are available across multiple technologies to assist with short- and long-term project-based work. They are engaged initially to assist with the design, engineering, and installation needs. The client is billed either on an hourly or fixed price basis.

  • Staff augmentation. OnX has ten full-time professional recruiters who work with our clients to meet their staffing needs. We match client needs with the appropriate IT talent by searching our extensively proprietary and subscribed databases. We use the same diligence to prescreen all resources—short-term contractors or permanent hires—before they are presented to the client for review.

  • Permanent hire resources. If a client chooses, we can also recruit resources to be placed at a customer site as a full-time staff member. Our recruiting team applies the same diligence in searching for full-time staff for our clients.

The upside for the enterprise is multifaceted. As mentioned above, it eliminates full-time employee benefit costs for short-term employment while providing top-notch talent that is fully up-to-speed on emerging technologies and industry best practices. At the same time, it allows organizations to maintain a more flexible, scalable staffing environment that limits cost overruns and more precisely matches skill sets with work requirements.

In today’s economy, efficiency is becoming the key driver of success. Emerging data platforms are doing wonders at driving inefficiency from supply chains, development processes, back-office functions and customer-facing tasks like sales and support. The next step is to ensure that your workforce is just as dynamic and adaptable as your technology.

Download our infosheet or visit to learn more about OnX IT Staffing and Consulting Services.

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