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OnX Collaborates with Splunk to Provide Turnkey Security Solution

TORONTO, Ont. and NEW YORK, N.Y., Oct. 25, 2016 – Today, OnX Enterprise Solutions announced a new OnX Security Intelligence Appliance which solves security challenges for businesses by implementing both the hardware and software needed to combat attackers.

The appliance is the result of a collaboration between OnX Enterprise Solutions and Splunk. The appliance allows clients to quickly and easily deploy crucial security systems without diverting critical resources away from driving innovation for end users.

“Security is of paramount importance to our clients and their customers, which is why we’re excited to offer a turnkey, tested solution that helps improve security operations quickly and easily,” said Steve Lankard, CTO, OnX.

The OnX Security Intelligence Appliance integrates Splunk® Enterprise Security (Splunk ES), which is a SIEM solution for advanced analytics-driven security, coupled with a third-party unified infrastructure platform to form an appliance for clients. Within the Integration Center, OnX loads and configures Red Hat OS and Splunk software onto a client’s infrastructure, then tests and verifies the bundle and delivers to the client’s site. As part of deployment, OnX installs the appliance, trains the client’s IT staff and offers support.

“We are pleased to collaborate with OnX to deliver the power of analytics-driven security to customers. By delivering Splunk ES through this appliance and providing hands-on training, OnX is helping extend the Splunk platform and enable even more customers to gain deeper insight into their security infrastructures and strengthen their security posture,” said Haiyan Song, senior vice president of security markets, Splunk.

The OnX Security Intelligence Appliance delivers the following benefits to clients:

  1. Save money –All-in-one pricing and financing options provides cost savings and makes purchasing easy.
  2. Save time – Eliminates time spent on hardware evaluation, procurement and deployment and allows resources to stay focused on business priorities.
  3. Reduce risk – Hardware configurations have been validated and tested to client data requirements. Performance-tested configurations mean no returns or delays.

The appliance is available in two data-ingest configurations: standard (500 GB/day) and enterprise (1.5 TB/day), but can easily scale to meet client growth or size.
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