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OnX Advanced Automation Promotes IT Excellence and Enterprise Modernization

OnX Canada achieves highest level of Red Hat Ansible certification, strengthening its Red Hat Premier Partnership
October 1, 2020

TORONTO – OnX Canada is excited to announce the launch of Advanced Automation solutions built on the Red Hat Ansible Platform. By combining OnX services, infrastructure, and networking capabilities with certified expertise on the Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform, OnX Advanced Automation enables clients to take the steps they need to take in order to automate management of applications, systems, and processes. With guidance and hands-on assistance from OnX Advanced Automation experts, clients can automate time-intensive operations, from configuration management and application deployment to securing endpoints and managing cloud computing workloads.

“From the beginning, the goal of implementing OnX Advanced Automation with Red Hat Ansible is to free up our clients’ IT staff from day-to-day management of hundreds or thousands of systems and applications,” said Paul Khawaja, president of OnX Canada. “Once automation priorities are in place, IT can advance key initiatives and drive business innovation in a fraction of the time typical manual processes would take.”

As a certified Red Hat Premier Partner, OnX leverages its extensive experience and relationships to accelerate successful client automation outcomes. With every engagement, OnX:

  • Augments legacy automation solutions. OnX provides products and services to enable advanced automation with role-based access control, security, auditing, and delegation capabilities required by enterprise organizations.
  • Enables enterprise modernization. Through its advanced automation products, OnX empowers clients to increase infrastructure stability, scale hybrid-cloud environments, speed time-to-market, ensure continuous compliance, and foster a DevOps culture.
  • Improves efficiency, increases productivity. OnX Advanced Automation shifts valuable IT staff from ongoing and time-consuming maintenance responsibilities by enhancing customer experience, promoting innovation, and achieving top-line business value.

“We’re energized to partner with Red Hat to deliver better outcomes for our clients through advanced automation,” added Khawaja. “And we’re proud of our people achieving the highest level of Red Hat Ansible certification, strengthening our partnership, and giving us the ability to help clients excel.”

Learn how to maximize your organization’s IT potential with OnX Advanced Automation on Red Hat Ansible.

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