Workload Migration Services

IT executives discuss OnX Canada workload migration services


Simplify Workload Migration to the Cloud


Moving large volumes of data, applications, and workloads doesn’t happen without risk. But with the right plan and resources, the risk can be reduced or mitigated. It’s tempting to perform all of your migrations in-house. By partnering with OnX, you benefit from our ability to bring in the experts with particular knowledge to augment your staff. We can help you navigate the complexities of upgrading your hardware, implementing cloud services, engaging new virtualization platforms, or any other migration services you need — so your IT resources can stay focused on core business initiatives.

OnX’s Migration Services deliver an alternative that is:

  • Predictable. We use proven methodologies, robust planning, and creative design to remove the uncertainties that so often upend migration projects
  • Timely. We structure your migration to reduce or even eliminate the risk of downtime. And we shrink the timeline, reducing overall project costs
  • Flexible. We can migrate between physical, virtual, or cloud servers and we can work with your entire IT infrastructure, or with specific parts of it
  • Expert. OnX migration consultants are certified across the leading operating systems, storage technologies, and virtualization and networking platforms. That’s everything you need for no-surprises migrations

Work with OnX to structure your migration to reduce or eliminate downtime. We can migrate between physical, virtual, or cloud servers, and can work across your entire IT environment or within specific parts of it.

A Migration Solution for Every Business Need

No two companies have the same migration needs. Our well-designed, strategic migration programs are ideal for:

  • Moving old data to new servers during a hardware upgrade
  • Consolidating data centers because of corporate mergers
  • Relocating server infrastructure with minimal downtime
  • Making a large-scale move to public, hyperscale cloud services
  • Preserving data from obsolete operating systems or applications
  • Switching to a new virtualization platform like VMware or Hyper-V

Workload Migration Services Help You:

  • Determine the best course for migrating apps, data, workloads, and virtual machines to new environments
  • Identify the best migration targets: new servers, private cloud, public cloud, or hybrid architecture
  • Migrate with minimal disruption to your IT or business operations, reducing downtime risk
  • Stay focused on your key business objectives will we finesse the complexities of your migration

Supported Technologies

x86/x64 systems (most Windows and Linux distributions, versions and editions)

  • Physical servers
  • Virtual machines (VMware, Citrix Xen, MS Hyper-V)
  • Public cloud (Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud Platform)

OnX Methodology

Our methodology depends on your needs and workloads (physical, virtual, cloud, etc.), the types of applications, criticality of workloads, and total data to be migrated. Our process has seven steps:

  • Planning meeting with stakeholders to outline goals, timelines, and key personnel
  • Kickoff meeting to review project purpose, objectives, and processes
  • Assessment workshops to collect data and identify key requirements
  • Designing appropriate processes and developing a plan to implement them
  • Installing tools and technologies, including robust testing
  • Migration and cutover of workloads, applications, and data
  • Wrap-up meeting to ensure all objectives have been met


Our detailed documentation includes:

  • Discovery report with in-depth system analysis and specific migration recommendations
  • Design workbook
  • Technical implementation plan
  • Migration and consolidation strategic plan
  • Project work plan
  • Dry run and test verification
  • Cutover scheduled and executed
  • Data and servers migrated to new infrastructure