Workload Assessment Services

Meeting discussing OnX Canada workload assessment services


A Step-by-Step Guide to Move Workloads to the Cloud


Before you take the plunge into cloud technologies, you have to figure out which of your current workloads work best with specific cloud services. Some workloads succeed in a private cloud, others thrive in a public cloud, and still others require a hybrid architecture. With all your workloads and so many cloud services to choose from, how do you know where to start?

Examine your current workloads with an OnX Workload Assessment, and explore how they will perform on Hyperscale Cloud services from Amazon, Microsoft, or Google.

OnX Workload Assessment Services help you figure it all out. Here’s how:

  • Service matching. Our assessments look at your current workloads and applications and explore how they will perform on Hyperscale Cloud services from Amazon, Microsoft, or Google. From our findings, you can choose the best workloads to migrate to Hyperscale Cloud based on your current technology resources and future business needs.
  • Clear, specific guidance. Our well-defined, step-by-step approach helps us first understand your unique capacity requirements, then study your workload and hardware mapping to find the best opportunities to optimize your migration to a Hyperscale public cloud.

Why You Need OnX Workload Assessment Services

  • The sum total of your workloads multiplied by the various number of cloud services produces a plethora of options. It’s crucial to make the best decisions in the earliest phase — when you’re assessing your current technology environment and figuring out how to migrate it to the cloud.
  • OnX performs more than a thousand workload assessments every year for companies of all sizes in every major industry. That gives us the experience and expertise to assess how the cloud can help you find efficiencies, boost customer service, and improve your bottom line.

Workload Assessments Help You:

  • Determine which of your workloads and applications are best suited to specific public cloud services (Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure, or Google Compute Platform)
  • Weigh the pros and cons of public, private, and hybrid cloud configurations
  • Make the smartest decisions about your overall cloud strategy
  • Accelerate your adoption of cloud technologies
  • Map out a step-by-step process for cloud migration
  • Plug gaps in your cloud expertise
  • Understand the cost shift from moving to an op-ex model from a cap-ex model
  • Find ways to do more with fewer IT resources

OnX Methodology

Our assessments start with the least technically complex workload that has the least impact on your business. This allows OnX to evaluate the performance of the cloud platform, design and build new architecture models, and train your engineering teams to fully take advantage of the new capabilities without taking on a lot more risk. Once we have established the model, we evaluate all remaining workloads.

OnX Workload Assessments happen in five phases:

  1. Configuring tools and scheduling deployment
  2. Delivering pre-check of your systems
  3. Setting up the assessment and gathering data
  4. Translating workloads
  5. Convening collaborative review session with you


  • Like-to-like mapping of virtualized and non-virtualized system configurations to an equivalent cloud instance and storage size
  • Workload mapping of all system configurations, incorporating usage data
  • Evaluation of each workload, categorizing them as cloud-ready or not ready