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Simplify and Automate IT Operations Management


Blending private and public cloud offerings to create a hybrid cloud infrastructure can bring tremendous benefits to organizations. With hybrid clouds, companies can take advantage of the security and control of a private cloud, while benefitting from the low cost and flexibility of public cloud options.

In reality, many of today’s hybrid cloud environments are vulnerable to expensive public cloud outages that can undermine customer trust, and often find the manual processes and poor management tools of private clouds drive up costs. You can find powerful tools to fix these problems in VMware’s robust vRealize Operations suite, but adapting its functionality to your company’s precise needs can pose a substantial challenge.

OnX developed our vRealize Operations Consulting program to give organizations a documented, well-thought-out methodology for getting the most from their investments in vRealize.

That’s why OnX developed our vRealize Operations Consulting program, a documented, well-thought-out methodology for getting the most from your vRealize investment.

Our vRealize Operations Consulting program helps companies:

  • Elevate customer service. We help companies that are struggling to meet SLAs — and eliminate downtime that damages their relationships with customers.
  • Cut costs and identify operational efficiencies. Replacing time-consuming manual processes paves the way to substantial savings in capital and operations expenses.
  • Improve control and compliance. vRealize can show you the full scope of your IT operations, helping you cope with business risks and regulatory challenges.

Why You Need vRealize Operations Consulting

  • Accurate cost estimates. We show you the business cost of losing critical applications and failing to manage SLAs, both of which degrade productivity and customer satisfaction.
  • Lower cap-ex. Our customers often can reduce cap-ex by up to 30 percent by improving capacity optimization and deferring hardware purchases.
  • Lower op-ex. OnX customers can shrink op-ex by up to 70 percent thanks to expanded automation and reductions in manual processes and system downtime.
  • Risk management. We help you stay compliant thanks to a centralized, continuous view of your IT operations that reveals risks such as data loss, security breaches, and regulatory actions.

vRealize Operations Consulting Helps You:

  • Improve visibility on system health, performance, and configuration in multiple environments.
  • Increase customer satisfaction and exceed SLA requirements.
  • Stop “fighting fires” and overprovisioning to meet SLAs.
  • Automate manual processes that are time-consuming, inefficient, and expensive.
  • Replace legacy tools that aren’t optimized for growth and scale.
  • Fill skills gaps if your IT staff doesn’t have the full range of expertise required to take advantage of vRealize Operations.
  • Conduct timely compliance audits.

Supported Technologies

  • VMware vSphere 6.0, including:
    • ESXi hosts running version 6.0 Update 2
    • vCenter Server version 6.0 Update 2

OnX Four-Step Methodology

OnX services such as 24×7 enterpriseclass monitoring, managed backups and DR testing and documentation help you:

  1. Planning
    • Pre-engagement call, create kickoff presentation
  2. Kickoff
    • Introduce our team’s roles and responsibilities.
    • Describe project goals, timelines, and deliverables.
    • Agree on communication and reporting processes.
    • Validate expectations, clarify roles and responsibilities.
  3. Execute
    • Deployment. Install and configure VMware technologies according to our design. Finalize configuration workbook. Run service and functional test validation.
    • Knowledge transfer. Conduct indepth technical knowledge transfer sessions for administrators and operators.
  4. Close
    • OnX project manager meets with you to discuss project status and review completions and next steps.


  • Kickoff presentation
  • Best practices checklist
  • vRealize Operations full report
  • vRealize Operations executive summary report

Why OnX

As a VMware Premier Partner, OnX has proven experience in designing and implementing VMware solutions that help our clients transform their IT operations. Our documented, well-established vRealize methodology lets us deliver better recommendations much more quickly than companies can do on their own.

OnX’s vast experience assessing, designing, building, and managing data centers gives us rare insight to successfully help our clients extend beyond data center management to automation, software-defined networking, and end-user compute and mobility.