Security Penetration Testing

Colleagues discuss OnX Canada security penetration testing


Find Your Weak Points Before Hackers Do


Adversaries are becoming increasingly more sophisticated in their attacks on information systems. Companies must respond to these increased risks by testing their existing information security programs and technical controls against such evolving threats.

Many companies face compliance rules requiring Penetration (Pen) Testing. Others use Pen Tests to answer the question that perpetually haunts security executives: “What are we missing?”

Penetration (Pen) Testing is a risk management technique that follows a process of vulnerability identification and exploitation in a controlled manner. Companies that run Pen Tests as part of their overall security strategy reduce their overall risk of attack and also meet compliance requirements with certain information security frameworks.

OnX Pen Tests scan:

  • Network infrastructure: Plug gaps here to prevent risks that can cascade throughout your entire IT environment.
  • Critical assets: Protect facilities, systems, and equipment that would cripple your company if lost to a cyberattack.
  • Wireless networks: Don’t give hackers a Wi-Fi back door into your systems.
  • Web applications: Nine-tenths of all vulnerabilities are at the application layer. Fix them before hackers find them.
  • Physical security: Improve protection of personnel, hardware, programs, networks, and data against physical circumstances and events that could do serious damage to your organization.

Why You Need OnX Penetration Testing

OnX Pen Testing involves deployment of top security experts working diligently to break into your networks using the latest hacking methods and tools. Our methodology ensures our security experts test multiple routes of entry without creating additional risks for your IT systems. Pen Testing is an ideal choice for companies that:

  • Want an experienced third party to conduct their Pen Tests
  • Don’t have the time to dedicate beyond core IT initiatives to perform testing on their own
  • Aren’t sure about best practices to comply with cybersecurity regulations
  • Must perform Pen Tests to meet compliance rules
  • Have suffered a recent cyber attack

OnX Penetration Testing Helps You:

  • Comply with rules that specifically require PenTests in addition to vulnerability assessments
  • Discover network vulnerabilities that your staff might have overlooked
  • Test the effectiveness of your cyber defenses
  • Evaluate the business and market risks of a major cyber breach
  • Justify cost of investing in robust network security
  • Confirm network security hardening after a breach
  • Create empirical data that validates compliance with regulations and best practices such as HIPAA, PCI, CIS Top 20 CSC, NIST SP 800-53, ISO 27000 Series, SOX and similar standards

Supported Technologies

  • Pen Tests can probe environments including wireless, network, web, and applications

Our Six-Point Process

  1. Documentation review: Our team researches relevant facts specific to the scope and the variety of Pen Tests to be performed
  2. Communication plan: Appropriate planning ensures our testers are treated like genuine attackers without increasing risks to your systems
  3. Scope definition: We execute fingerprinting, application, and device scans to determine your optimum testing scope
  4. Vulnerability research: We scan for public and dark-web domain vulnerabilities within the defined scope
  5. Exploitation: Once we know your vulnerabilities, our testers stage a breach to gauge your response capability
  6. Vulnerability report: A detailed analysis includes recommendations for strengthening your security posture


  • Penetration Testing report
  • Vulnerability Assessment report
  • Gap Analysis
  • Presentation