OnX Security Intelligence Appliance

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Lock Down Your Vital Data


To secure an enterprise IT network, you have to get everything right: system architecture, hardware, software, consulting and training. Breakdowns in any of these areas can produce costly delays that degrade your security posture. And what if — heaven forbid — you get hit by a costly, high-profile breach? You need a comprehensive fix that works, and you need it soon.

OnX has that fix: our new Security Intelligence Appliance, powered by Cisco and Splunk.

Powered by world-class security and networking technology, the OnX Security Intelligence Appliance can be up and running on your site in days rather than weeks or months.

Collaborating with networking experts at Cisco Systems and security experts at Splunk helped us figure out how to how dramatically accelerate the implementation of enterprise IT security solution. The OnX Security Intelligence Appliance can be up and running on your site in days rather than weeks or months. The Appliance lets you:

  • Improve risk management by protecting your brand and customer base while limiting the likelihood of fines, lawsuits and other potentially sky-high expenses
  • Reduce investigation costs because it’s easier and faster to find and plug leaks
  • Get better end-to-end visibility of user activity across your entire IT ecosystem
  • Deploy a next-generation security information and event management system (SIEM) using some of the best security technology on the market

The Cisco-Splunk Edge in Enterprise IT Security

At OnX, we’ve found that Splunk Enterprise Security does the best job of providing enterprise-level IT security, especially when running on Cisco UCS (Unified Computing System). These insights drove the development of the OnX Security Intelligence Appliance. Let’s look at these components:

  • Splunk Enterprise Security. This next-generation security information and event management (SIEM) tool provides real-time, comprehensive, continuous visibility to defend against multidimensional cyberattacks and both known and unknown threats.
  • Cisco UCS. This technology controls an entire hardware infrastructure from a single application driving Cisco routers, switches and servers.

OnX Integration Center Services

The Security Intelligence Appliance is built to order in the OnX Integration Center, a 12,000-square-foot facility that provides turnkey integration and staging. Here, OnX will configure, integrate and test the appliance to ensure quality:

  • Rack and stack Cisco infrastructure
  • Load and configure Red Hat OS
  • Load and configure Splunk Core
  • Test and verify solution
  • Ship to your site, install, retest, configure and customize per your requirements

This process enables us to stand up a rack of Cisco UCS gear properly optimized with Splunk on your premises in days — not weeks or months.

Why OnX?

Our partner statuses with Splunk and Cisco Systems prove we have the track record and expertise to ensure that our clients enjoy the most powerful combination of these worldclass technologies. Our team of 600+ highly skilled professionals creates a path for implementing the right applications to achieve your goals.

And our OnX OnDemand Residency Services team can augment your inhouse capabilities by bringing highly skilled IT staff onsite to complete special projects or to help manage your everyday operational needs.