OnX Integration Center

hardware representing OnX Canada Integration Center


Test Your Technology Configuration at Our Site Before You Go Live


OnX Integration Center lets you test all your hardware and software in a single off-site location and make sure everything works as expected in advance — reducing the risk of downtime on your go-live date.

Your IT staff already has its hands full with day-to-day business challenges. When the time comes to implement a major technology upgrade, you’ll appreciate having a partner to help you stage, configure, test and optimize everything in advance. The OnX Integration Center team enables you to:

  • Reduce IT costs and save space by building complete solutions offsite
  • Avoid disruption of your day-to-day IT operations during the build
  • Minimize risk and avoid deployment issues with proven quality standards
  • Accelerate your time-to-production

You can configure your equipment at our site, move it to your site, plug it in and turn it on — streamlining the process of going live with your new technology.

We’ll work with your staff to overcome roadblocks at every stage of the process. You can configure your equipment at our site, move it to your site, plug it in and turn it on. That can dramatically streamline the process of going live with your new technology.

OnX Integration Center Services

The OnX Integration Center team built its reputation by helping our clients develop high-value IT projects that make their organizations more efficient and effective. The Integration Center’s services include:

  • Turnkey project management, integration, testing and system set-up
  • VPN and onsite client access for configuration, testing and optimization
  • Power and structured cabling services, with proven and precise processes for labeling and testing cables
  • Warehousing and consolidation of single and multi-vendor shipments
  • Onsite acceptance, verification and documentation
  • Onsite installation and integration
  • Relocation services, with pre-move guidance for targeted infrastructure
  • Consolidation of multiple manufacturers’ requirements under one relocation plan
  • Maintaining hardware warranties

How the Integration Center Helps OnX Clients

The Integration Center has long track record of helping clients solve critical challenges, such as:

  • Streamlining a multi-site system upgrade and technology refresh for a retailer with over 80 stores in the U.S. We helped the company upgrade its Cisco switches with no more than four hours of system downtime per store.
  • Enabling a client to test its Oracle environment at our site. The company tested 18 of our recommendations for optimizing their operating environment. All these tests were configured and run at the Integration Center.
  • Helping a company stage several projects across the U.S. simultaneously. We fully configured servers, integrated PCI cards, installed the OS, and configured IP addresses and out-ofband management.

Why OnX?

Clients who partner with the OnX Integration Center team have access to our 12,000-square-foot warehouse with loading docks and a raised floor. Up to 20 racks of hardware can be staged, integrated, configured, tested and optimized, and then prepared for shipping to its final destination.

OnX has highly certified IT professionals with in-depth expertise across a broad spectrum of enterprise IT technologies. Our technical acumen, decades-long track record and partnerships with industry giants like Cisco, HP Enterprise and Oracle make us one of the premier enterprise technology integrators in North America.