Backup and Restore Assessment

Discussing OnX Canada backup and restore assessment


Find the Best Ways to Optimize Your Backup and Restore Program


With the tremendous growth in data, looming cybersecurity threats, and a growing emphasis on disaster preparedness, organizations are taking a hard look at their backup and restore capabilities. But where do you start when there are so many options?

OnX can help you make more informed, confident decisions about tailoring your backup and restore resources to your precise needs.

OnX’s Backup and Restore Assessment can help provide some answers. We’ll help you examine your current IT landscape, determine how well protected you are, and identify the best opportunities for optimizing your backup and restore environment.

How OnX’s Strategic Assessments Help Your Business

OnX brings decades of backup and restore technology know-how, and the vertical specialization to understand the nuances of different industries. Clients rely on our world-class IT planning and implementation expertise to help them deliver the right backup and restore program for their organization. We begin the process with a thorough assessment, providing the insights needed to ensure success:

  • A strategic roadmap aligning your backup and restore program with the business outcomes you expect
  • A business case analysis to support the return-on-investment (ROI) improvements and total-cost-of-ownership (TCO) reductions you anticipate

The result: OnX can help you make more informed, confident decisions about tailoring your backup and restore resources to your precise needs.

OnX Managed Backup-as-a-Service

The need for IT staff to devote more time to core business initiatives is a common theme we hear from clients. If your company is in that position and would benefit from a fully managed backup-as-a-service, our team builds flexible managed backup-as-a-service solutions that align with your recovery objectives, risk profile, and budget.

  • Data is encrypted and backed up from your data center to the OnX cloud or Azure public cloud
  • Monitoring and management confirm daily backup success
  • Upon an alert, OnX Network Operations staff will identify the issue, make necessary adjustments, and rerun the backup

What to Expect with the Backup and Restore Assessment

OnX’s assessment of your backup and restore capabilities includes:

  • Thoroughly documented assessment processes and a predefined project outline
  • A close examination of your organization’s underlying requirements — exploring the business and technology issues and priorities your backup and restore plan should cover
  • Best practices discussions covering strategic direction, applications, and processes
  • Potential backup and restore optimization architectures, including where these fit in your organization, their limitations, and suggested initiatives to pilot in your company
  • A well-defined, strategic roadmap for data backup and restore

Assessment Flow

We start by gaining an in-depth understanding of your business requirements for backup and restore. It’s all about your business outcomes — not the technology. As we learn more about your specific needs, we apply them to core concerns like data retention, recovery times, compliance, security, and encryption. Our process:

  • Pre-assessment scoping call
  • Assessment kick-off meeting and workshop
  • Staff interviews
  • Updating and developing backup requirements
  • Collecting IT environment data using either company or OnX-supplied tools
  • Analyzing and verifying data
  • Compiling recommendations and findings in a detailed report
  • Presenting findings to your key stakeholders