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When your people share documents, they’re not thinking about creating a rational file structure or a searchable content system. They just want to share their content quickly and intuitively at any time or place.

OnX can assess your Microsoft Office 365 SharePoint requirements and develop a plan to take full advantage of a robust toolset for collaboration, file organization, and content management.

Effective collaboration requires robust content management capabilities that many companies already have via their Microsoft SharePoint licenses. Unfortunately, many of the platform’s functions go unused because they are not completely understood or aligned with the needs of the business.

OnX’s Microsoft Office 365 Services help companies take full advantage of the entire platform including SharePoint. Our program has three key components:

  • People: OnX will optimize Office 365 SharePoint to make it much easier for your workforce to find, share, and edit documents.
  • Content: We help you transition to a robust content-management system that inventories files, eliminates duplication, and makes everything searchable.
  • Systems: We’ll assess your environment and recommend the best ways to integrate with Microsoft 365 for on-premise, hybrid, or public cloud infrastructures. In addition, we will tie into other essential tools such as Dynamics and Great Plains.

Whether you want to upgrade to the latest version of SharePoint or exploit its full feature set, we can help you every step of the way.

OnX SharePoint Services

Many common file-sharing tools work fine in the short run, but they can create messy challenges when the files start to pile up. Cleaning up those files requires a robust collaboration platform that can index files and make them searchable. That helps your people find what they’re looking for quickly, no matter where they are.

Managed Microsoft Office 365 from OnX means that your team can focus on the business outcomes that you want to achieve and leave the customization, configuration and tailoring to our certified subject matter experts.

OnX SharePoint Services Help You:

  • Improve end user satisfaction with a tool that fits your business.
  • Streamline collaboration between co-workers.
  • Create a searchable, indexed content management system.
  • Satisfy regulatory compliance requirements.
  • Integrate SharePoint with Dynamics CRM and Great Plains financial systems.
  • Determine the best configuration of SharePoint Office 365, either in an OnX cloud, public cloud or a hybrid or both.

Supported Technologies

  • Microsoft Office 365
  • SharePoint, Dynamics, Great Plains
  • Azure cloud services

SharePoint Methodology

We interview your team, document what you already have, and help you produce a recommended SharePoint strategy. We use a three-phase timeline:

  1. Upgrade.
    Stabilize your SharePoint environment with the most recent software version.
  2. One-year plan.
    This is a mainly tactical engagement to get you moving toward a more mature, feature-rich implementation of SharePoint.
  3. Roadmap.
    This is a three-to-five-year plan to take advantage of all the features and benefits of SharePoint, optimized for your specific business needs. You’ll get world-class content management, file searching/sharing, and collaboration tools.