NaaS Cloud Managed Security Cameras

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Cloud managed security cameras designed for simplicity, intelligence, and network security


Cisco Meraki MV security cameras, the latest addition to the OnX Canada Network as a Service (NaaS) product line, integrate seamlessly into the Meraki dashboard. By tapping into cloud-augmented edge storage, Meraki MV security cameras eliminate the costs and complexities of traditional security camera systems.

Like all NaaS products in the OnX lineup, Meraki MV cameras are built for zero-touch deployment and managed centrally through the cloud. There are no in-house servers to maintain because all cameras are on the cloud network, enabling automatic firmware updates, bug fixes, and delivery of new features as released.

From the Meraki dashboard, users can easily stream video and create video walls for monitoring critical areas across multiple locations without ever configuring an IP or installing a plug-in. Once set up, users can access all security cameras from anywhere in the world.

Product Highlights

  • Meraki dashboard for centralized management
  • Cloud-augmented edge storage eliminates need for network video recorder
  • Scales easily for deployments of 1 camera to 1000+
  • Intelligent motion indexing
  • Built-in video analytics tools
  • Secure, encrypted control architecture supported by SAML integration
  • No special software or browser plug-ins required

Engage OnX to take advantage of the Meraki MV camera key features

Reliable storage
Each MV camera comes integrated with industrial-grade storage. This cutting-edge technology allows the system to scale efficiently because the storage expands with the addition of each camera. Also, administrators can rest easy knowing that even if the network connection cuts out, the cameras will continue to record footage.

Optimized retention and event isolation
Video motion data is analyzed on the camera while indexing occurs in the cloud. Users can select video retention methods by choosing their desired video bit rate and frame rate, balancing between storage length and image quality. Cameras retain continuous footage for 72 hours before intelligently trimming stored video that contains no motion. The Meraki MV’s motion indexing gives users an intuitive search interface for selecting footage to retrieve video activity that occurred in a specific area.

Built-in analytics enhance business performance
Meraki MV cameras can be used as sensors to streamline operations, improve public safety, and optimize revenue, without increasing licensing costs. Motion heat maps and object detection capabilities built into the dashboard help users analyze customer movement and behavior patterns.

Cloud-managed and always up-to-date
OnX helps clients take full advantage of the cloud, automating firmware and security updates, bug fixes, and the delivery of new features as they’re released. Additionally, the Meraki MV dashboard management tools improve networked video surveillance by simplifying configuration and allowing for remote troubleshooting and management of distributed sites through a single pane of glass.

Security cameras, simplified
OnX has the expertise to help you choose the right Meraki MV camera configuration for your facilities. The MV21 fixed dome indoor camera comes with a vari-focal lens, the low profile MV12N and MV12W offer narrow or wideangle views, and the MV12WE is the lower storage model, while the fixed dome MV71 outdoor camera performs well in rugged environments. With four indoor models and one outdoor model, the Meraki MV series provides the right assortment of NaaS cameras to meet all of your needs.