Monitoring and Management

Colleagues discuss OnX Canada monitoring and management


Tap the Full Value of Your Infrastructure Investments


With monitoring and management (MM) from OnX, you can keep your investment in on-premise and co-located hardware while letting us handle the day-to-day operation of this crucial technology.

OnX has three decades of data center experience working with a broad spectrum of companies, industries and technologies. We have the enterprise IT expertise required to understand your business and operate your data center at peak efficiency.

OnX MM provides 24×7 remote monitoring, management, alerting, and patching of your server and network infrastructure.

Your IT staff benefits by working with highly certified MM experts who can provide 24×7 remote monitoring, management, alerting, and patching of your server and network infrastructure.

Putting OnX to work managing your data center frees your IT staff to devote more time to what matters most: boosting your company’s efficiency, profitability and customer service.

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The OnX Advantage

With the OnX MM team on your side, your IT staff is better equipped to handle evolving threats, address immense regulatory pressures to protect data, and effectively manage security for evolving technologies.

  • Retain existing colocation investments Let us handle the day-to-day management of your existing colocation infrastructure investments
  • Industry leading monitoring and alerting Effective MM requires extensive enterprise IT experience to anticipate problems and sound the alarm before it’s too late (while avoiding false alarms)
  • Mission-critical applications remain available and secure Eliminate downtime and improve performance and availability of mission-critical servers, infrastructure and applications with proactive infrastructure monitoring and management

OnX MM services help you:

  •  Make sure experts are watching your systems around the clock (perhaps when your team can’t be there), appropriately escalating if problems arise
  • Augment your overall IT capabilities by adding our skill sets as an extension of your team
  • Develop hybrid capabilities to move workloads to multiple environments — either dedicated or cloud