Modernizing applications for cloud migration

IT worker representing OnX Canada Application Modernization


Re-architect crucial applications to optimize cloud performance


Organizations moving their line-of-business applications to the cloud can have a tough time choosing the right path from all the potential wrong turns. It’s true that a cloud transformation can improve IT performance, strengthen system resilience, and reduce technology costs, but how do you make sure you’re making the right calls at every step of the transition?

OnX Canada Application Services provides answers. We’ll help you develop a strategic roadmap for a cloud migration and deliver expert support at every stage of the transition. This service is ideal for:

  • Businesses with older technology that needs to be upgraded or migrated from on-premise to a public, private, or hybrid cloud solution.
  • Companies that have completed a “lift and shift” of legacy apps to the cloud but aren’t getting the benefits they hoped for.
  • Enterprises with a multitude of applications—from dozens to hundreds—that need a multi-year program for migrating each of them to the cloud.
  • IT leaders who are tired of continually buying new servers and storage for line-of-business applications.

Why you need OnX Canada

  • OnX has a proven track record for tying companies’ business objectives to proper, prudent cloud technologies. If it doesn’t make sense to migrate or redevelop your application, then we will not recommend it.
  • We are a long-term partner committed to developing and executing your strategic roadmap and helping it evolve with your business.
  • We deliver expert development, integration, and management across public, private, and hybrid cloud solutions.
  • Our experts’ training and certifications in multiple IT disciplines makes us a single source for consulting, technology, user experience, and design.

OnX application modernization helps you:

  • Determine whether applications should be re-hosted, re-architected, replaced, retired, or remain as-is.
  • Choose the optimum cloud platform for your needs.
  • Integrate with legacy and onpremise apps, DBs, and APIs.
  • Reduce capital and operating costs for your applications.
  • Fully leverage cloud capabilities such as scaling, geographic distribution, and uptime resiliency.
  • Use containerization for rapid, reliable deployment.
  • Simplify maintenance through microservices.
  • Adhere to industry standards and modern design techniques.

OnX methodology

OnX balances continuous innovation and improvement with a rigorous, rapid development approach that:

  • Aligns your business plan to a technology plan
  • Nurtures constant feedback loops on performance, functionality, and user behavior.
  • Develops a transparent roadmap to show how applications migrate, when services go live, and which features become available.
  • Delivers reliable code at a rapid pace, resulting from our well-defined agile development process.
  • Supports monitoring and managing apps in the cloud on any platform, derived from many years

Supported technologies

  • Microsoft: .NET C#/VB.Net,MVC, Core, SQL Server, SharePoint
  • Open Source: Java/J2EE, JavaScript, CSS, HTML5, BackboneJS, Angular, React, Vue, jQuery, MySQL
  • Mobile: iOS, Android, Xamarin, Responsive Design


Depending on your needs, OnX Application Services may include:

  • Fully migrated cloud native applications.
  • A migration roadmap with dispositions for every application.
  • Integration with backend applications or other online sites and tools.
  • Fully documented technical and business specifications and architectures.