Microsoft Office 365 Migration Services

IT workers using OnX Canada Office 365 Migration


For today’s Canadian enterprise organizations, email continues to be an effective, practical, and mission-critical communications platform. When your email system goes down, everyone feels the impact, from the C-suite to every level of the organization, extending to partners, and most importantly, your customers.

Managing legacy Microsoft Outlook and SharePoint infrastructure, along with any other conventional communication platforms, is not only time consuming but a distraction for your highly-skilled IT staff. When allocating time and people for day-to-day server maintenance, patch management, or to solve end-user complaints and issues, it diminishes your IT department’s ability to implement the technologies and processes your company needs to meet its strategic goals.

Leading organizations across the globe have already migrated to Microsoft Office 365 for these precise reasons. By implementing Microsoft Office 365, IT departments offload compute, storage, and maintenance of their communications infrastructure and reduce their on-site technology footprint. With Microsoft Office 365 in place, IT personnel are not only able to achieve practical benefits for their organization, like reduced power and cooling, but increase end-user satisfaction by improving functionality and availability of the software employees use every day.

Making the move to Microsoft Office 365

As an experienced Microsoft partner, OnX guides IT teams step by step through Microsoft Office 365 implementations, helping organizations reap tangible business benefits faster.

Our certified experts work with your leadership team to establish business goals upfront and then assess your current environment to determine the scope for the Microsoft Office 365 migration. From there, our implementation team takes over, completes the transition to the new Microsoft Office 365 environment, and performs a post move evaluation to ensure complete satisfaction before rollout across the entire organization.

Customizing Microsoft Office 365 for your needs

In addition to Microsoft Office 365 migration services, OnX can set up extended services to improve employee collaboration, such as Teams, Groups, Skype for Business, and Yammer, among others.

Our Microsoft Office 365 services include:

  • A detailed and expertly-led project kickoff with key stakeholders
  • Documentation and assessment of your existing environment to determine scope and timeline
  • An extensive Active Directory health check
  • Design and configuration of Office 365 tenant environment
  • Azure Active Directory Connect installation and configuration
  • Email migration from Exchange, IBM Notes, or GSuite
  • Moving on-premise files to OneDrive or SharePoint
  • Set up of Teams in Microsoft Office 365
  • Implementation of Yammer, Skype for Business, and other required communication services
  • Set up of Hybrid exchange

Why OnX for Microsoft Office 365 migration services

With over 30 years experience delivering the technologies that enable organizations to achieve their goals, OnX understands the challenges IT departments face when moving to the Microsoft Office 365 cloud stack and the long-term effects of poor implementation.

Common challenges we’ve helped organizations overcome include issues with Active Directory, non-compliance of Exchange servers, SharePoint servers running on different versions, lack of patch management, and outdated software licenses.


  • Document, understand, and evaluate your current environment
  • Determine outcome based goals, timelines, and responsibilities


  • Design, configure, and set up your new customized Microsoft Office 365 Suite
  • Establish extended services for enhanced user experience


  • Move email data from legacy to a newly designed Microsoft Office 365 environment
  • Ensure success-metrics have been met or exceeded based

With our OnX professional services team on your side, your organization can make the transition to Microsoft Office 365 cloud effectively, bringing your business to the next generation of intelligent computing.