Managed Security Services

demonstrating OnX Canada managed security services


Comprehensive Cyber Defense for Enterprise IT


The never-ending tide of cyber attacks requires all organizations to bulk up their system defenses. But many companies lack the resources to mount a robust defense or can’t take the time away from core business initiatives to sort through the sea of security options.

We partnered with Alert Logic, one of the top providers of cloud web security, to deliver a full range of cyber defense options that pair seamlessly with our managed services solutions.

OnX developed our suite of Managed Security Services to let companies hand off their cyber-defense duties to seasoned experts who can quickly identify vulnerabilities, provide 24×7 system monitoring, and generate alerts to suspicious activity that lead to fast resolution. We are leveraging the power of Alert Logic, one of the top providers of cloud web security, to deliver a full range of cyber defense management options for OnX clients, including:

  • Log analysis and monitoring. Alert Logic tracks all server logs to generate sophisticated data models.
  • Intrusion detection. Human and machine intelligence analyze traffic patterns to determine if intruders have gotten in.
  • Web application firewall. Get an extra layer of defense for your web apps, which are one of the fastest-growing targets of malicious intruders.

Managed Security Services (Powered by Alert Logic)

Your OnX data center environment deserves the best cyber defense we can find. That’s why we’ve teamed up with Alert Logic to deliver comprehensive protection for our data center clients. Alert Logic has earned raves for its ability to secure public cloud environments like AWS and Azure. Why? Because AL combines machine and human intelligence to provide fast, easy-to-configure services like log analysis, 24-hour monitoring, threat detection, compliance and web app security. It’s the best way we know of to fight off intruders without breaking the bank.

Managed Security Services deliver:

  • Unmatched protection for OnX data center clients thanks to our partnership with market-leading Alert Logic cyber defense tools and personnel.
  • Access to some of the most skilled network security experts — without having to add in-house staff.
  • Quick setup with Alert Logic security-as-a-service platform.
  • Strong defense against hard-todetect web application attacks.
  • Web application firewall.
  • 24×7 threat monitoring.
  • Compliance with regulations/best practices such as HIPAA, PCI, CIS Top 20 CSC, NIST SP 800-53, ISO 27000 Series, SOX.

Supported Technologies

We assess vulnerabilities in key environments including wireless, network, web, and applications.

Our Five-Phase Process

  1. Documentation review. OnX and Alert Logic engineering teams conduct a thorough review of your corporate policies, procedures, rules, configurations, layouts, network diagrams, architectures, and other relevant documents.
  2. Interviews. We consult with key personnel if required by the design.
  3. Implementation plan design. We draft an installation plan based on knowledge gained in phases one and two.
  4. Service implementation. We install virtual and physical system and agents. We also update network policies.
  5. Service validation. Our team documents that all services are properly monitoring traffic and collecting log data, and fine-tune as necessary.