IT Staffing and Consulting Services

Project team discussing OnX Canada IT Staffing and Consulting Services


Providing IT talent to reach your goals


The demand for highly skilled technical professionals just keeps growing, forcing you to compete for the IT talent you need to reach your business and technology goals. And there are times when you need a specialist to implement a new technology or to overcome a specific IT challenge.

OnX IT Staffing and Consulting deploys highly vetted, trained, and certified IT specialists backed by our experienced team of technology professionals. We provide quick access to people with the advanced skills needed to take control of demanding technical projects and environments. As a technology company, we understand what our clients need from a technical perspective, and we know what it takes to ensure that each engagement succeeds.

Clients value the quality of our specialists and that we actively manage every engagement, setting our IT Staffing and Consulting apart from a traditional staffing company approach.

Aligning skills with your IT needs

We help clients assess business and technology needs, and provide the talent to ensure success. Clients benefit from:

  • Greater value than traditional staffing companies: As a technology solutions provider with over 30 years of experience, OnX understands the technologies we support.
  • Rigorous prequalification: Our subject matter experts prescreen OnX IT Staffing and Consulting specialists to ensure they are experts in their field, with all the necessary training and certifications. This saves time and reduces your risk.
  • Ongoing support and escalation path: All OnX IT Staffing and Consulting specialists receive full support from our resident technical experts throughout your engagement, providing an additional layer of support and an escalation path to ensure success.
  • Full management to reduce administrative burden: Our engagement managers handle all the administrative requirements, including timesheets, expenses, and scheduling.

IT Staffing and Consulting helps you tackle everyday IT resource challenges:

  • Augment in-house capabilities and capacity
  • Bring in specialized staff when full-time hiring restrictions in effect
  • Bridge full-time vacancies
  • Avoid less skilled staffing agencies
  • Provide an alternative to high priced OEM consulting services
  • Advanced thought leadership on strategic projects
  • Support for technologies that don’t require full-time staff