IBM iSeries Solutions

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Mission-Critical Support for IBM iSeries and x86 Clients


If you need help keeping your IBM iSeries environment running at peak efficiency, you have lots of company in the enterprise IT world. Many companies don’t have certified skill sets on staff, and some just need a secondary site for backup and disaster recovery. Whatever your need, rest assured OnX knows iSeries and x86 inside and out: We can help you manage your current investment, back up the data to one of our facilities or create a dual-site solution.

OnX has decades of IBM experience and highly certified experts on staff who know iSeries and x86 systems inside and out. We provide crucial hosting, monitoring, management, backup and recovery services for these systems.

We provide a comprehensive suite of IBM iSeries services:

  • Production cloud. Our Tier III data center services deliver 24×7 alert monitoring and strong compliance with a broad range of regulatory demands.
  • Remote managed services. We can upgrade, administer and monitor your systems around the clock and remediate any problems that crop up.
  • Business continuity and disaster recovery. Depend on our high-availability iSeries and x86 dual data centers. In-depth testing helps ensure rapid recovery when you really need it.

Our decades of experience with IBM technologies and our highly certified experts ensure we can provide the crucial support for your iSeries and x86 systems.

Partner with OnX and Move IBM iSeries and x86 to the Cloud

OnX offers a low-risk way to join the cloud computing revolution with your IBM iSeries and x86 business environments. OnX Managed Services provides infrastructure hosting and managed IT services that let you hand off your iSeries and x86 systems to us. We manage them in the cloud in our data centers, letting you focus on your core business and leave the backend infrastructure support headaches to us.

OnX is dedicated to helping enterprise organizations enjoy the benefits of working with a managed services provider with deep cloud expertise. If you are running on a legacy iSeries environment, we should talk.

Burstable Disaster Recovery

  • OnX provides burstable DR technologies available all the time, for any reason and for any length of time.
  • We can restore and switch over (and eventually switch back) IBM iSeries and x86 systems for users who are experiencing a disaster or outage. If you’re just doing development and testing, the same services are available.
  • All charges are burstable at the time of need, billed monthly (one-month minimum) with staff augmentation. If disaster strikes, charges can be packaged as disaster declaration expenses that can be claimed on insurance.

Infrastructure Hosting and DR-as-a-Service Via OnX Managed Services

OnX services such as 24×7 enterpriseclass monitoring, managed backups and DR testing and documentation help you:

  • Protect mission-critical iSeries environments from downtime or loss of data.
  • Access our certified IBM skill sets including remote monitoring and management of your existing environment, or creating a secondary failover.
  • Perform operating system upgrades as required.
  • Leverage burstable DR-as-a-Service and get in-depth DR testing that will help reduce capital expenditures and devote the savings to your company’s strategic initiatives.