Disaster Recovery Implementation

demonstrating OnX Canada disaster recovery implementation


Taking Your DR Program To The Next Level


Cloud technologies and virtualization software make it easier than ever for companies to implement a comprehensive disaster recovery and business continuity program. Deploying these tools can keep networks functioning in the event of a disaster — avoiding downtime and preserving profitability and maintaining vital customer relationships.

Building a robust and reliable disaster recovery program takes thoughtful planning, detailed design, skilled implementation, and careful testing to ensure a successful outcome.

OnX’s Disaster Recovery Implementation Service is designed to remove all doubts about the effectiveness of your DR program. This professional service engagement covers every crucial component of an effective disaster recovery program, from planning to design and documentation. Here’s why it’s so effective:

  • Virtualization and DR best practices: IT departments that rely on virtualization tools need strong DR plans to ensure rapid recovery of their virtual environments in a disaster. Our implementation services deliver comprehensive design, deployment, creation of runbooks, and validation of a DR solution for virtual machines running on VMware vSphere or Microsoft Hyper-V.
  • Replication and failover: Host-based replication products protect virtual machines asynchronously on a secondary site. Our custom design and implementation automates the failover of virtual machines in a disaster, and allows for critical DR testing without interrupting production applications.

How DR Implementation Services can Help Your Business

  • OnX deploys cloud, virtualization, and replication technologies that provide comprehensive DR to organizations of all sizes — from small businesses to global enterprises.
  • Your virtualized applications will be safely backed up, with documented procedures for recovering them expediently in a disaster.
  • We have deep experience and certified skill sets in a broad range of disaster recovery and business continuity technologies. You don’t have carry the full burden of risk by going it alone.
  • We can tailor your DR solution to meet your exact business and technology recovery objectives. If you need to free up IT resources to focus on strategic business initiatives, OnX can deliver a fully managed DR solution that is tested and proven to work.

DR Implementation Services Help You:

  • Strengthen business-continuity resiliency
  • Meet data recoverability objectives
  • Protect workloads deployed in virtual machines
  • Satisfy stringent compliance and regulatory requirements
  • Leverage the skill sets and experience of a trusted advisor

Supported Technologies

  • For VMware Sphere: Choose between Zerto Virtual Replication or VMware Site Recovery Manager with vSphere Replication
  • For Microsoft Hyper-V: Zerto Virtual Replication only

DR Site Options

  • Secondary client site
  • OnX data center
  • Third-party colocation
  • Public cloud (i.e., Azure)

Implementation Methodology

  1. Planning & kickoff meetings. OnX project manager led engagements with your staff to determine goals, define deliverables, establish timelines & logistics, and identify key personnel.
  2. Assessment. Determine business requirements, identify existing technology, review policies, and determine what’s working and what’s not.
  3. Design. Create the secondary DR environment based on knowledge gained during the planning/kickoff meetings and follow-on assessment.
  4. Deployment. Document and validate technologies, install and configure the DR solution, and complete testing.
  5. Wrap-up. Knowledge transfer, delivery of as-built documentation, and closure meeting with the OnX project manager.


  • Solution requirements document
  • Disaster recovery solution design document
  • Configuration and validation workbook
  • As-built installation and configuration document
  • Run book describing all operating procedures
  • Knowledge transfer session