Digital Workplace Services

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Enable Better Workforce Collaboration, Connectivity, and Sharing


To build engaged and productive teams, business leaders often invest in collaboration and messaging tools to keep their employees connected. When team members can easily access documents, share information, and exchange ideas, employee satisfaction and ability to innovate soar. By taking a comprehensive approach to information architecture and giving employees remote and mobile access, business leaders can dramatically improve their company’s performance.

The best employees expect the best technologies. Complete integration of your company’s connectivity and collaboration tools not only boosts employee satisfaction but increases productivity and accelerates innovation.

OnX built our Digital Workplace Services to help companies overcome challenges when bringing these types of applications together. With decades of experience implementing and optimizing Microsoft applications and related technologies, we can customize your digital workplace by:

  • Designing an information architecture, taxonomy, and user experience that will grow with your business
  • Implementing Microsoft SharePoint in the Azure cloud or on-premise for document management and collaboration along with associated applications and workflows
  • Migrating and supporting Microsoft Exchange and Office 365
  • Migrating Lotus Notes to Exchange and SharePoint
  • Integrating SharePoint with backend systems such as Microsoft CRM
  • Providing Microsoft Active Directory migration, synchronization, and support
  • Building intranet portals with enterprise search
  • Satisfying any regulatory compliance requirements

Why You Need OnX Digital Workplace Services

Expertise: OnX has the experience, track record, and insight to dig deep into the feature set of Microsoft technologies like SharePoint, Office 365, and Active Directory to transform your employees’ ability to succeed in their jobs.

Agility: Our phased approach to development allows you to deploy the essential capabilities you need right away while adding technologies and capabilities at a pace that suits your organization’s precise requirements.

Lower TCO: We’ll help you improve collaboration, document tracking, and remote and mobile accessibility while optimizing your infrastructure — reducing total cost of ownership and improving employee satisfaction and productivity.

Digital Workplace Solutions Help You:

  • Deploy advanced Microsoft collaboration and productivity tools at a pace that matches your resources and budget
  • Organize documents more intuitively, making them searchable and easy to find
  • Create branded employee portals
  • Migrate to Office 365 for email, documents, spreadsheets, and more
  • Implement private, hybrid, or public cloud solutions

Supported Technologies

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OnX Methodology

We balance three key disciplines:

Business performance/planning

  • Align processes and technology with objectives
  • Establish roadmaps and a steering committee
  • Assess content maturity
  • Compare off-the-shelf vs. custom solutions

User experience/design

  • Create information architecture
  • Build wireframes and creative design
  • Use people-centric approach


  • Define or improve architecture
  • Optimize Infrastructure
  • Develop apps

Our phased-implementation approach has many advantages:

  • Aligns to each organization’s budget and ability to adopt new technologies
  • Allows for rapid adoption of each feature set with a steady, stepped system for deployment of follow-on features
  • Addresses vision, readiness, remediation, rollout, and ongoing enhancements


Depending on your needs, deliverables may include:

  • A purpose built SharePoint site
  • A purpose-built internal corporate portal
  • SharePoint migration to Microsoft Azure
  • An optimized mobile experience
  • Email migration to Office 365
  • Custom Active Directory implementation
  • Optimized enterprise search