Data Backup and Storage

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Plug the Gaps in Your Backup Plans


You never find out about the flaws in your backup policies until it’s too late — when you need backed-up data now and you can’t get it for another four hours. But if you haven’t got the time, expertise or budget for comprehensive backup, storage, monitoring and recovery, you don’t have to feel like your business is living on borrowed time.

OnX has highly skilled backup and recovery experts who can build a solution that fits your business and your budget. Our management services, routine testing, 24×7 monitoring and support allow you to concentrate on making your business more successful.

OnX management services, routine testing, 24×7 monitoring and support allow you to concentrate on making your business more successful while we focus on providing backup and recovery that fits your needs and budget.

Our backup and recovery solutions include:

  • Onsite data backup from your remote sites to your central head office
  • Remote monitoring and management of onsite centralized systems and networks
  • Backup from your primary production environment to an OnX data center
  • Dual data center environments with data backed up from one to the other
  • Fully managed and tested recovery with proven outcomes

Partnering with OnX gives you the resources to restore your IT environment, recover your data and resume normal business operations cost-effectively.

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Trustworthy Data Backup

Key benefits of working with OnX Managed Services:

  • Fast, Reliable, Secure
  • We fully encrypt your data and transmit it electronically to reduce costs, limit the potential for human error and recover more quickly.
  • Remote Data Storage
  • OnX data centers in Canada and the United States ensure your data is managed and monitored in secure sites remote from your data center in a region that meets your compliance and regulatory needs.
  • Flexible Solutions

Whether you need real-time onsite backup, once-a-day backup or a more customized solution, we can protect your data in the way that suits your budget and business needs.

Backup and Electronic Vaulting

  • OnX electronic vaulting protects data at a second site and recovers servers into a virtual environment on the OnX cloud or dedicated equipment you own.
  • Point-in-time backups use trusted CommVault technology in your data center or an OnX facility.
  • Replicate backups to a second site operated by OnX for recovery into the OnX cloud or a dedicated set of your equipment. Storing virtual images reduces your recovery time objective (RTO).

Recovery Testing

  • We strongly recommend testing the disaster recoverability of your environment. OnX provides a Letter of Test Performance documenting you have fully tested your DR plan.