Consulting Day Services

OnX Canada Consulting Day Services


Get the IT Expertise You Need When You Need It


When your organization needs specific IT expertise, hiring staff or contracting services isn’t always the best route to solve an issue or finish a short-term project. Sometimes, just a day or two with an experienced veteran is all you need to get the job done. A fresh perspective on a project often compresses the timeline, and a seasoned expert can ensure your team is following manufacturers’ best practices when installing new technologies.

All these factors inspired OnX to develop Consulting Day Services, which allow clients to tap the full range of our advanced technical expertise without having to initiate a project or commit to a contract.

Tap the full range of our advanced technical expertise without having to initiate a project or commit to a contract.

Clients purchase a day (or a series of days) of consulting services for assistance with server, storage, network, firewall, or other infrastructure needs. These services are designed to help clients with projects such as data migrations, upgrades of existing components, knowledge transfer, etc. Typical activities include assistance with planning, designing, installation, migration, and general expert technical support.

When you take advantage of OnX Consulting Day Services, you gain:

Speed. Skip the recruiting, hiring, and onboarding of new hires or contract help altogether. We send seasoned experts who have all the skills required to augment your staff’s expertise.

Flexibility. Put the right IT people in the right job just when you need them — with assignments customized to your precise needs.

Consistency. We’ll abide by your change-management process, document everything if necessary and ensure best practices are adhered to.

Why You Need OnX Consulting Day Services

OnX Consulting Day Services are a great option for IT leaders who:

  • Need advanced technical expertise for sophisticated projects — but only for a short time
  • Are looking for hands on assistance to ensure a successful data center implementation
  • Want an objective manufacturer-neutral resource to help with roadmap planning
  • Need help troubleshooting challenges during a project rollout
  • Are interested in jumpstarting important projects that require additional bandwidth or expertise

OnX performs more than 1,000 data center projects every year. Our subject matter experts have deep knowledge, full certifications and in-depth experience with all the major technology manufacturers — hardware and software alike — ensuring your infrastructure gets installed quickly and efficiently.

OnX Consulting Day Services Help You:

  • Deploy specialized skills your company needs
  • Accelerate slow-moving projects
  • Adhere to manufacturer best practices
  • Focus on IT initiatives supporting your core business

Technical Prerequisites

Before we get started, we make sure to understand the following:

  • Detail on your internal changemanagement process
  • Success criteria
  • Expectations of the project scope
  • Documentation standards you would like us to follow
  • Remote or on-site requirements
  • Associated rights and access to equipment being deployed

OnX Methodology

1: Plan & Initiate

  • Pre-engagement call
  • Kickoff presentation

2: Kickoff

  • Introduce OnX team, roles, and responsibilities
  • Describe project goals and key dates
  • Explain expected results and deliverables
  • Agree on communication and reporting
  • Validate expectations and clarify responsibilities

3: Execute

  • Install and configure technologies
  • Finish configuration workbook
  • Execute and validate service
  • Lead technical knowledge transfer sessions

4: Close

  • OnX Project Manager and client review project status, completions and next steps

Required Stakeholders

Collaborate with OnX Consulting Day Solution Architects for infrastructure services including:

  • Enterprise infrastructure
  • Backup and restore
  • Application operations
  • Desktop operations
  • Network operations
  • Security policy
  • VMware operations

Why Hire an OnX IT Consultant for a Day

OnX is a leading provider of technology solutions with more than 30 years of experience helping clients achieve exceptional business results. OnX employs 500 IT professionals who are experts in their field, all with the appropriate training and required certifications. That means when you hire an OnX consultant, you get the precise skills you need to do the job right the first time, without a long-term commitment, saving time for your organization while reducing your risk.