Building and empowering through application evolution

IT executive representing OnX Canada building and empowering through application evolution


Improve availability, performance, and scalability of your business applications


You already know how critical each application is for your business, but often companies struggle as their applications need to evolve. Typical challenges include building a convincing business case, procuring the right resources, integrating various cloud environments, or meeting aggressive project timelines.

OnX has the expertise to empower your organization throughout your application evolution. We can help you improve availability, performance, and scalability of the applications that drive your business and power your bottom line.

Why OnX?

Partner with experts: OnX certified and proven experts will manage your solution from the discovery phase to implementation and beyond.

Customized solution: OnX understands that every business is unique and the development of application services and solutions requires IT resources across multiple technologies.

Preserve capital: All members of our team are equipped with the skills necessary to hit the ground running, saving you both time and money over building a team of experts in your own organization.

Solution details

OnX can assist with any portion of a software application development project, from business analysis to maintenance, which may include the following components:

Project planning: A potential application development opportunity is identified

Requirements definition: A project scoping discussion is held to gather high-level requirements for a bid

Application design: A statement of work (SOW) is prepared to quote rates and milestone dates, a detailed design specification document is created detailing all aspects of project deliverables, and a detailed project plan is created defining tasks, dependencies, resources, risks, and timeline.

Application development, testing, and implementation: Application is developed according to SOW parameters.

Support: OnX is capable of defining a 24x7x365 support structure using our Managed Application Support (MAS) team with an escalation process where you always have access to our experts.

Solution options

OnX offers the following solutions for different client needs:

Business analysis: Our highly skilled architects and business analysts will work with clients to take their idea and define a detailed blueprint of what that vision is and a plan with a breakdown of the tasks, resources, costs, and timeline.

Project management: Our experienced project managers are actively involved from project ideation to implementation. Their expertise and skills make sure that your project moves forward as expected through the five phases in the project management lifecycle: initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing. They will also keep the three factors—time, cost, and scope—in equilibrium to ensure successful completion of your project.

Managed staff augmentation: Our clients have the flexibility of extending their internal technical staff without the overhead involved in filling seats and providing additional equipment and licenses onsite. OnX is able to provide and manage additional resources for the client in our office where they seamlessly become an extension of the client’s internal team.

User interface/user experience design: OnX has the ability to design a solution with the user in mind while factoring human/application interactions. Our talented designers will help our clients at the design stage to properly lay out their solution and give a world-class look and feel.

Application development:

  • Web
  • Desktop
  • Mobile
  • Integration
  • Reporting

Our solutions use industry-leading technologies from the following manufacturers:

  • Microsoft: .NET C#/VB.Net,MVC, Core, SQL Server, SharePoint
  • Open Source: Java/J2EE, JavaScript, CSS, HTML5, BackboneJS, Angular, React, Vue, jQuery, MySQL.
  • Mobile: iOS, Android, Xamarin, Responsive Design.