University upgrades and secures wireless network



The client requires a network that will support all of its students, who on average bring seven connected devices to campus. The client had an aging network and wireless infrastructure that was insufficient for providing the required connectivity, leading to complaints from students and faculty who rely on the network. Additionally, the client’s legacy network did not support guest access, impacting its ability to provide a positive customer experience for guests and visitors. Finally, the client’s IT organization lacked the bandwidth to maintain, manage, and rejoin its network.


The client engaged the OnX Infrastructure practice to help deliver a solution that would provide the necessary connectivity, security, and flexibility to support its students, faculty members, and visitors. OnX started with a deep dive into the client’s existing infrastructure, and worked closely with the client’s Associate CIO and IT employees to fully understand its needs.

OnX then recommended and delivered a series of technical services and process improvements to address the client’s network shortcomings. Radio and network surveys were performed on the client’s various residence halls to pinpoint areas for improvement. The client’s network closets were also updated and re-worked to utilize more modern server technology, and new Aruba switches and access points were installed around the residence halls to ensure stronger and more reliable connections. Lastly, Clearpass network access security software was installed and configured so that students could secure connect to the network with multiple smart devices.


After the consultation process and implementation of the customized solution package outlined above, the OnX Infrastructure practice was able to deliver several significant results for the client’s shareholders, students, clients, and guests.

The client’s network access, upload and download speeds, and connection strength metrics are now among the best in the industry, providing an exceptional student experience. The guest network also now allows for secure connectivity on the university network. Lastly, this higher education organization also benefits from a fully managed network solution, meaning that the newly-upgrade network is monitored and supported by the OnX specialists. This allows the client’s in-house IT team to focus less on day-to-day network management and more on the organization’s long-term strategic business initiatives.