Software-Defined Wide Area Network Healthcare



The continuum of care and increasing focus on the customer experience demands that healthcare providers collaborate to support patients that see different specialists for different conditions. Ultimately, individual patient data must be accessible by every provider that supports that patient to facilitate positive health outcomes.

Client plays a critical role in this ecosystem. Its radiologists and support staff work closely with physicians to provide rapid, expert interpretations of medical imaging examinations. Client requires a secure, flexible network infrastructure that will allow it to send and receive patient data across its 25 imaging centers, and with hundreds of medical centers across the United States.


SD-WAN from VeloCloud allows client’s branches to securely share patient data with each other, and with external medical providers, through an encrypted network. SD-WAN from VeloCloud also supports the necessary bandwidth that increasing amounts of patient data require. This flexibility is critical because the client is not only sending patient data to its customers, it is also receiving patient data to help inform its evaluation of a medical imaging examination.


SD-WAN from VeloCloud provides this client the infrastructure necessary to join the health care ecosystem through which multiple professionals across the country can collaborate on behalf of a single patient. The solution also supports Network Service Chaining, which allows Internet backhaul for ease of security policy and deployment.

All industries are becoming more reliant on Internet. For healthcare, uptime is mission-critical when dealing with patient welfare. SD-WAN powered by VeloCloud provides the confidence and assurance that these mission-critical applications will be transport-agnostic, and support LTE and failover to seamlessly deliver the most valuable information.