Retail Chain Meets Divestiture Timeline



Originally a subsidiary of a large American petroleum refining company, the client was founded as a large volume self-service gas station and convenience store and was expanded quickly through a number of mergers and acquisitions.

When the parent company decided to sell the chain, they soon realized the divestiture would require substantial IT resources to unravel its complex IT environment without disrupting day-to-day operations.

A major complication of this process was that the company had limited financial resources and stringent accounting standards for any divestiture IT expenditures.


Four teams of CBTS skilled IT experts were assigned to support the company’s divestiture initiatives within multiple areas of the organization, including infrastructure, network, security, and applications. Each team was led by an embedded CBTS project lead who communicated directly with the company’s IT leadership on a daily basis to align on strategy and implementation. Each of these teams consisted of the following skilled experts:

  • Project lead
  • Lead technical developer
  • Senior developer
  • Software development engineer

In addition, a custom pricing model was created for the company that included revenue-based rebates and flat-rate billing to accommodate their accounting standards and need for predictable monthly costs.

Revenue-Based Rebates + Flat Rate Billing

$500K – $1M
$1M – $2M


The divestiture was completed with very limited disruptions to day-to-day operations. Additionally, CBTS was chosen as the primary IT partner for the chain moving forward.

Up to 65 CBTS IT resources continue to be engaged at the company as they turn to integrate their IT environment with the new corporate owner.

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