Network as a Service (NaaS) School System



School districts face multiple pain points:

  • Need for connectivity among multiple school buildings with access to HQ.
  • Demands on internal IT staff members that focus more on maintaining disparate networks than innovation.
  • Limited funding for IT equipment despite E-Rate programs that subsidize districts.
  • Complex security requirements that are necessary to protect confidential student information.

CBTS has a long history of working with school districts and understands their unique needs. NaaS is the latest in a long line of CBTS products and services that allow school districts to offload IT needs and focus on their core mission of educating students.


NaaS addresses the unique pain points facing school districts in a cost-efficient and future-proof manner, as hardware refreshes are part of the solution, which eliminates uncertainty around future equipment-related capital expenditures. In addition:

  • Auto VPN allows for all LANs to be connected and secure with rinse and repeat model.
  • NaaS offloads management requirements to CBTS as partner for 24x7x365 expert engineering support.
  • Service includes a fixed-rate for a constant, predictable monthly fee.
  • Service offers the ability to set rules and integrate security measures respective of unique needs among segmented groups.
  • CBTS proactive monitoring has early detection to halt network infractions and threats.


NaaS is positioned to deliver the following results for school districts:

  • Streamlined network solution that is turnkey across all locations and scales as school system grows.
  • Opportunity to co-manage IT environment with CBTS resources.
  • Empowered to transform budget stress into predictable year-over-year expenses.
  • Improve user experience and maintain student safety via customized policies.
  • Visibility into network activity.