Network as a Service (NaaS) Manufacturer Concrete



Client is a full-service concrete contracting company that has 600 semi-mobile users working interdependently across 17 locations. The locations are interconnected but operate semi-autonomously.

Each of the client’s 17 office locations has roughly 50 technology users and features public and private Wi-Fi networks. Fast Internet speeds are critical. The network must be robust since the centrally shared services are hosted in the cloud.

The client had been using a traditional MPLS service to connect its 17 locations. The high cost, limited flexibility, and slow Internet speeds of its MPLS service resulted in the customer contacting CBTS to find an alternative. Specifically, the customer wanted a solution that would achieve the following objectives:

  • Improve functionality and efficiency across its multiple locations.
  • Provide significantly reduced costs.
  • Reduce the number of deployments and issue resolution time.
  • Increase Internet speeds—including more robust public and private Wi-Fi networks.


CBTS begins every engagement with a review process to ensure the technical environment as well as the business needs are understood. This customer is security-conscious and uses Office 365, along with the Enterprise Mobility Suite in the Microsoft cloud. The customer also uses an ERP in the Amazon cloud, and both clouds are tied together with secure connections and central authentication and security systems.

The customer requires a network solution that offers functionality, efficiency, value, and speed to support its multi-location structure. Each employee has a laptop, which enables them to work at different sites. To recognize the benefits of this structure, the customer’s network must seamlessly facilitate the same functionality at every location.

CBTS determined Network as a Service (NaaS) was the right solution for this customer. Network as a Service is built on Cisco Meraki technology and delivers a fully managed network, with cloud integration, security, switching, Wi-Fi, management, monitoring, and SD-WAN. Customers pay a single, predictable monthly price for equipment and support. And Network as a Service ends technology obsolescence by building hardware refresh into the solution lifecycle.


The customer switched to Network as a Service (NaaS) from CBTS and immediately started recognizing the benefits. The customer said three things particularly stood out during the implementation process:

  • CBTS’ Advanced Technology Services Group worked with the customer throughout the quoting, configuration, and implementation process to avoid surprises and minimize disruptions.
  • During the configuration and installation process, the customer gained access to the Meraki centralized cloud, giving it a deeper view and understanding of its entire network and devices.
  • The customer’s 17 locations, gateways, and WAPs are now managed from one location in the cloud so repairs, monitoring, and delivery have gone smoothly and generated positive feedback.

Ultimately, the success of this installation must be measured against the customer’s challenges and needs as expressed in its initial meeting with CBTS. The early metrics are impressive and demonstrate the value SD-WAN and Network as a Service (NaaS) offer to multi-location businesses. With respect to this engagement, the customer reports that:

  • Time to open a new store/location has been reduced by 66%.
  • Network costs have been reduced by 87%.
  • Internet speeds have been increased by 10x.
  • Realized costs savings of operational labor up to 30%.

Client Satisfaction

“We are impressed with the smooth implementation and increase in speed after deployment. The older firewalls were slow and could not keep up with even the existing Internet services, but once we changed over to the new platform, speeds more than doubled! Customers, executives, and employees alike are all extremely satisfied with the choice to move to Network as a Service with CBTS.”