Network as a Service (NaaS) Food Service Retail



Across its over 300 stores, customer increasingly relies on the Internet to handle orders, but the company also takes orders over the phone. There are typically 2-3 customer support terminals, 2-3 phones, and a computer in the store manager’s office. It offers Wi-Fi service to guests who eat lunch in its stores. Customer wants to offer its guests a uniform experience when they interact with the company over the phone, on the website, and in person. In short, customer’s stores require voice services, Point of Sales applications, online ordering applications, and guest Wi-Fi for in-store guests. Customer contacted CBTS about testing a turnkey solution to efficiently add new stores to the company’s network.


Network as a Service provides a powerful turnkey solution for companies like this customer that are leveraging a franchise model to scale the business. Key selling points include:

  • We will install Network as a Service at any location in the country through its network of IT vendors.
  • Network as a Service allows new locations to connect seamlessly with the parent company and creates a uniform experience for guests and employees.
  • Ends technology obsolescence by building hardware refresh in the solution lifecycle.
  • Moves network infrastructure to the cloud.


CBTS successfully demonstrated the ability of Network as a Service to offer a uniform experience at the two franchise locations. Parent company will use Network as a Service to connect future franchise locations to its network.