National Grocery Retailer



As a major player in the industry, the grocery retailer absorbed a very large acquisition a few years earlier and subsequently went through a period of realignment amid intense competition.

The sheer volume of corporations being affected by malicious attacks as a result of known vulnerabilities and lack of proper security patch management added an additional layer of complexity in addressing the growing retailer’s IT needs.

The client issued an RFP and strategically searched for a partner to help protect both their data, and their business. It required a team that could provide guidance and assurance in provisioning prompt, and accurate patch management for their critical infrastructure and applications.


OnX was very diligent in taking the time to understand the market landscape. The proposed solution was to provide a fully managed remote patch management service:

  • Provision IBM BigFix Patch as the underlying platform.
  • Deliver a defined process for automated, simplified patching that is administered from a single console.
  • Provide real-time visibility and enforcement to deploy, and manage patches to endpoints—on, and off the corporate network.


The national grocery retailer reported significant improvements; the solution provided by OnX resulted in more than a 98 percent first-pass patch success rate.

The solution not only increased the effectiveness of the patch process, but also cut operational costs, and reduced patch cycle times to keep endpoints secure.

Ultimately this national retailer can focus on their core business, and rest assured that they have taken the steps to properly protect their business from becoming another headline.