Information Security Company



A leading information security provider is in a perpetual tug-of-war with hackers trying to steal sensitive data from the company’s customers IT environments.

The cybersecurity provider confronted three thorny problems:

  • Constant change: Attack vectors shift daily in the rapid-fire information security sector. The cybersecurity provider requires continuous software updates to protect its customers’ most valuable data.

    Agility: The company’s application development teams needed a highly agile and responsive platform to support rapid development of multiple application workloads.

  • Scale and speed: The cybersecurity provider’s application development infrastructure required too much lead time to respond to relentless changes and was not elastic enough to cost-effectively scale up — or scale down.


OnX’s multi-platform cloud model for application development workload infrastructure came to the rescue.

OnX’s approach had four key components:

  • Public cloud: OnX provided a public cloud model based on its strategic partnership with Microsoft’s Azure platform.
  • Flexible consumption: OnX provided a pay-as-you-go usage model to the company’s application development teams, enabling a highly scalable application development infrastructure.
  • IaaS: The company’s application development teams were given access to a self-service facility that provides all of the Azure Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) capabilities they need to support ever-changing infrastructure requirements.
  • Teamwork: OnX established a set of cloud infrastructure workload configurations for three initial application development teams, including the AD Operations team and the demo team. Each team has an independent workload configuration, enabling them to select the infrastructure configuration that supports each team’s unique requirements. OnX established initial configurations, usage tracking and reporting, and migrated the initial workloads from the current cloud platform. The cybersecurity provider has subsequently expanded this to its Quality Assurance and POC teams.


This pay-as-you-go, highly elastic application development infrastructure enables each of the cybersecurity provider’s teams to scale up additional infrastructure capacity quickly when required — and subsequently, release it when no longer needed. OnX now provides weekly usage tracking that gives the infrastructure operations team full visibility of the usage of its various business application teams.